Letting the old you out

I have lately been letting my old habits come back and i hurt my girlfriend so now im trying to get back on track addiction sucks some how some way it trys to get you…


Welcome! It looks like you had a year in January, so congrats on that!! :tada:
This community is a lifesaver, have a good read, engage in the community and I hope you will get out of it what you are looking for :grin:

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I’m sorry your in rough waters now. Addiction sucks. Have you made a plan how to do it this time? What are the things that helped you the last time when you got sober?
Maybe this is interesting to read for you as well:What's YOUR plan? and this is how I did it after my last relapse:2 years sober and what helped me to get there: So welcome back at the sober path! You did it before so you can do it again! :facepunch:

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