Life Through a Sober Lens






My favorite flowers


Sunset last night


So pretty!


Really nice, I have planted my own herb garden, carrots, broccoli and then some flowers. I only have a balcony though and I’m always jealous of your field.



Unfortunately the fields are down the road, but glad I can enjoy them still:)


Brighton Pavilion


![20180421_075727|666x500] (upload://faBc1pJfVcLnPjXQX7MltQXjEy0.jpg)Travels around SE Qld


Turtlehead trying to escape his pond atm. He’s giving it a pretty good go but the net on tops got him buggered lol


I love all your photo’s. I really do , so amazing :heart:


![20180520_101709|375x500] (upload://1Pd9T0aDjtdCYsJcFBw4jyGU6sG.jpg)Exploring through Mt Glorious today. Slipped on a rock during a creek crossing and ended up sitting in the creek :joy:


Dunstenburgh Castle in Northumberland yesterday and a young lamb who was just chillin in the sun. I got a bit sunburnt, annoyed as I’m usually covered in SPF 50 cream but I got caught out.


4am sunrise trip


Looks beautiful!


The next beach I decided to hit after the sunrise


Where are you living and what kind of camera phone are you using? Your pictures are always so vibrant!


I live in Maine and I take them with my Samsung S7