Life Through a Sober Lens


Isn’t that a musem in the background?


Yes it’s called the BALTIC centre for contemporary art. It’s a big converted mill.


I think I toured it, years ago. Lots of neat stuff in there…


Thanks! I am trying to post a video to YouTube so i cam share the pond sounds of spring. :slight_smile:


Like the Sage Gateshead :grinning:




That’s so neat. I went to Selsey on Manhood Peninsula years ago, and I walked across sand to an island that you can only get to when the Tide’s out. The island is only “open” until a certain hour because you have to walk back before the tide comes in. So cool.



It’s aliiiiive :heart::blossom: There are two tiny baby flowers sticking their heads out of the soil.


Sorry guys, I made an early morning excursion today. Let the bombarding begin! :slight_smile:





Mt. Hood photo is probably your best one


I know where you are and I’m watching you…lmao :joy:


Spinneys and percy’s should be open soon!


Did you see Spinneys? I turned around and said hey Bill would probably appreciate that lol


Sunset this evening, the peak if you zoom in about a third way in on the left is Ben Lomond.


My great-nieces came to visit me this afternoon and made themselves right at home. Love all of my kids! :heart: