Life Through a Sober Lens


Fort Popham in Maine


MN stands for Minnesota. It’s a state in the U.S. it’s winter like 9 months out of the year here lol


Oh ok lol. Thanks :blush:. I’m in Queensland. We’re the opposite here, its summer 9mths outta the year!


Showing the small woman we are capable of doing this stuff on our own! :heart: Love this kid!


Amazing photos Spartan.


They’re all great pics. So much beauty everywhere :blush:


I see a heart cloud


Can anyone help with posting pictures?


There’s a picture image on the bottom right of the text box when you click reply.






I’m no photographer. This is shot with a Samsung galaxy 6 or 7 lol I’m a bit behind… but I thought it was pretty. (Sacramento, Ca)


Campus peacock (Fair Oaks, CA)


My blooming koi pond


South Lake Tahoe in the summer.



That looks so beautiful and peaceful! May I ask where these were taken?


All of them taken today around the border of Qld and Nsw. Other half and I did about 7hrs driving all up just exploring and enjoying the scenery. Stunning weather for it too :blush::sun_with_face: