Life Through a Sober Lens


Its gorgeous, and good memories along the way!


Some pics my husband took today with his drone. Top of NSW


Ok, that’s awesome!!


I know eh!! We spend nearly every weekend driving for hrs at a time going to waterfalls and mountains and oceans and anywhere else we can think of so he can practise his drone filming stuff :joy:


That’s fantastic, to me it sounds absolutely perfect!!! Adventures for the two of you, time spent together and beautiful scenery- you really can’t beat that!


We love it! Even bought our 1st thermos the other day so we can take coffee with us lol. Today we stopped alongside a waterfall, out in the country to stretch our legs and have coffee and vegemite sangas. It was pretty perfect. I must be getting more sense of smell back because the air out there smelt absolutely phenomenal! Husband kept laughing at me cause all i kept doing was sniffing the air and going on about how good it smelt :joy::joy:


Hi there! I dont have a camera. I use my phone which tracks the distance I walk as well. I thought I would take the liberty of sharing a few photos I took on my hike. :slight_smile:


Sunset on the river


Binna Burra, QLD


Not as pretty as the other pictures. But c’mon Hang 'em High is on. Reminds me of sober youth and spending one week a year with my dad watching all the Clint Eastwood movies on WGN.


Early mornings in the country


Great view!


Santa Cruz, CA


So I’m leaving to go to my Krav Maga class tonight, and this guy has decided to take up a spot right by the driver’s door. Dude wasn’t budging.

I said to him “come’on bug. Get off my car. I gotta get to Krav.”

He turned is head, and looked me straight in the eye, and I swear I heard him say " Your puny Krav Maga is no match for my Mantis-style Kung Fu."

I got in on the passenger side and climbed into the driver’s seat. Drove to class. Half expected him to jump me when I got out of the car.


I totally had a run in with a mantis today too! They must be attracted to awesomeness!



I miss that beach so much! Used to be my favorite when I was a teenager. I grew up in the East Bay, Livermore to be exact.


Great observation, analogy and idea. Oh and gorgeous photos!