Life Through a Sober Lens


I wish I had kept my Kodak Disc :joy:


Oh my! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: they didn’t hang around long did they?! :rofl:


:evergreen_tree: Sequoia National Park, California :us: :evergreen_tree:


:evergreen_tree: Sequoia National Park, California :us: :evergreen_tree:


Top of Grays, CO, my first 14er last summer.


I have a 35mm around the house packed up somewhere. I need to break it out and try my hand at it. These pictures are lovely. Thanks for posting them.


A day I was feeling blue, until the blue fog lifted my spirits.


iPhone 6


Oregon is on my bucketlist to visit, looks so beautiful!


It truly is…we didn’t even make it out to the coast this time, but that’s a whole other level of beauty.





Yesssss! :purple_heart:


Part of the London Luminere instalments. Oxford Circus.

We walked along the South bank and stopped for hot chocolate, I noted the ease of doing this as opposed to hunting down somewhere that serves wine! Then we hit the west end to view more illusions. Day 21 and my first day out sober :smiley:


These are beautiful.


These were taken in the morning and evenings during our recent wildfires in Southern California. Sometimes it’s difficult, but I try to find beauty in the wake of tragedy.


Highway outside Albuquerque, New Mexico


Love my iphone camera - all of my shots are taken with a 7…the X camera is unbelievable, just not ready to spend that kind of money yet.


Love these! So beautiful