Life Through a Sober Lens


Ooooooh I got a barn pic I took in Oregon I think. Lemme look for it.


Here is a picture of my pictures. Lol.


Hey @Spartan_Chris there’s my lavender! Haha


This one was no longer dilapidated- they had done an awesome restoration on it.


this one’s my fav. Loooove trees


:joy::+1: that’s what made me think of that pic


Central Oregon :us:


haha noice! Love this thread too! More more!


I tried to upload to sober canvas thread but it won’t let me :frowning:



ok new fav!


Do you find that old camera takes the best pictures?!

Was on a trip to the Bahamas about 17 years ago. I bought a disposable underwater camera. It took the best pictures above and below the water. Way better than what we snapped with our little digital.


I never thought I’d say this, but I’m pretty partial to my iPhone camera @Yoda-Stevie …I think it takes better pics than any of my other digital :camera: I’ve owned.


The Bunnet Stane, Fife, Scotland


Ok first pic was bad. Hard to take a picture of a picture!! Here is my favorite I’ve ever taken (with a 35mm filmcamera no less)


Maybe now, but 17 years ago, film beat digital for quality. When a $12.00 disposable in a sealed plastic box takes better pictures than your $300.
00 canon sureshot…


Nice! That definitely fits the dilapidated description.


Cool purple!


Thank you :heart:


Amazing pictures! Great thread :slight_smile: I still have my 35mm Olympus, may have to dust it off! I remember getting a 110mm for my 13th birthday, felt so cool and trendy! :rofl: