Life Through a Sober Lens


Awwww that’s awesome scenery that :heart_eyes:


The colours are amazing … wow… stunning


I need to move. You guys or so lucky.


thanks, I was looking for a picture today and came across these I took, love Maine scenery!


Pay here us terrible and so are winters but it does have it’s gorgeous places!


I sadly have to fly home tomorrow :cry: But I’m trying to be here as often as I can. I love the sea so much.


Safe travels!! I l love the ocean too, I’ve got to get back to spending my weekends there!


Say hello to the ocean from me every time you see it :slight_smile: and thanks for the well wishes.


Feel the gentle breeze
Hear the whispers of the wind
See the beauty before you
As the world comes to life again
Hear the peepers peeping
And the birds singing out with glee
The world is slowly thawing out
And all is flowing free
To watch as life starts blossoming
It makes my heart just sing
I can’t help but to say thank you
For this peace I now feel within

Spring’s my favorite time of year! These are all from my yard tonight where I had a beautiful and relaxing time in the eye of the storm between the rain. :heart: First time I’ve seen flowers blossomed this year, yay!


Looks like a peaceful place!..


It really is. I appreciated the hell out of this place tonight!


My house is my sacred spot :heart:


I think @Betterbee42 works in the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been there myself. But I love the Badlands so I think I’d love the Grand Canyon.


Where is this picture with the sheep and ruins?


Yep, she works on the North rim. If you’re serious about going hit her up.


It’s a small half island in the North East of England. Close to Scotland. Called Holy Island. You can only drive there when the tide is out because the only road connected with main land is under water when the tide is in. Marvellous place :heart_eyes:


I have been there, it’s by Bamburgh Castle isn’t it. My other half is a Geordie.


Oh really. How cool is that :grin:!! Yeah next time we want to go and see Bamburgh Castle :heart_eyes:


:heart_eyes: beautiful colors!