Light a candle, rather than curse the darkness

I used to be a news junkie. Being “well-informed” regarding current events does not come without cost. If you follow the “news”, the bulk of it seems to be people doing shitty things to other people, or people saying shitty things about other people. This has made me a bit cynical. I try to be aware of the effects of negativity on my own feelings towards others. Sometimes I avoid the news…but being a news junkie, I do relapse frequently.

But every now and again, I read a positive story about someone being kind to another. These are candles in the darkness, but light nonetheless.

This is a thread for bits of positive news from around the world, where we can light candles.

Here’s mine to start:


Major news junkie here! I’ve recently changed my settings so I don’t feel so much rage at work, I like this idea a lot.


Love this! Reminds me of this story that touched my heart.

I don’t watch the news anymore and haven’t in years unless its to watch the weather or a particular story someone (usually my Gramma) tells me about so I am a fan this thread!


That is awfully sweet. News junkie myself, I try to tame it. When I come across something to do with unconditional love, a selfless act in other words; especially concerning animals, I find purpose in life. I have learned to avoid news in my dark times as they can be aggravating. When I felt that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired the time has arrived. It was the time to quit. I promised myself that I will be in search of peace in everything I do. I will be kind to myself. That includes less involvement with news, take it a notch down. It helps me stay sober.

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I’m also a news junkie. I try now to keep it to end of day or start of day only. Otherwise it is the same bad stuff rehashed all day long with nothing new. I do try to go completely without any news occasionally but then I worry about being ignorant of life outside of my bubble. The trick is to find the balance between knowledge and obsession.

Thank you for sharing this story. We do need more good news.

Oh my heart!! And the matching John Deeres :heart:

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I love this thread!

I know. Stuck with me two years so far, just so adorable! :heart_eyes:


I stopped watching the news too. Like everyone else I couldn’t take the constant barrage of people being horrible to each other. My daughters were also struggling with depression We ended up finding a good news app. they even send you good news throughout the day if you would like. Just thought I’d share. Nice to see I’m not alone :grin:


Now I have a reason to go get donuts and icecream today.


That’s awesome, thank for sharing. I ditched my TV close 10 years ago. I have a TV, but only pay for internet, not cable TV. My ex used to have Fox news on 24/7 (still does). It see the barrage of mainstream news and advertising as a invasion of my peace. I seriously once thought of starting a only good news network once. Obviously someone did it first. :wink: Cool beans!! I’m gonna sign up!


Thank you for this link. It is now in my daily check.

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And for times when you are driving

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Massive cave discovered in British Columbia, Can. Big enough to fit statue of liberty. We are still discovering this amazing planet.

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Honestly Stevie , if there was an action figure of you I would buy it ! :slight_smile: Who knows maybe one day.

I stopped recently , it’s 1984 out there and my mind loves thinking about it and overthinking it and I need relief now.

And again on a silver platter.
Go do a 3D scan :slight_smile:


Appreciate the comment, my friend. But, I am just a guy trying to win the daily battle, same as everyone else, who has learned that it all starts with the fight in my own mind, yin and yang, light and dark.


Love is action, not a feeling:

1 Like Helping others that are struggling is what it’s all about!


Couldn’t have said it any better my friend

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It’s certainly seems that there are a lot of people giving up the news. I gave it up years ago, but have been catching bits concerning brexit. And wonder why.