Liver disease

I have been diagnosed with cirrhosis. I’m absolutely terrified. I bought healthy groceries today and a journal today. I have been drinking since I was 18/19 now 33 getting close to the year my dad passed away from alcohol. I’m scared of what’s to come with withdrawals. I’ve tried it before and it was terrible. I just told my family over FaceTime of my health results and finally admitted I need help. They had no idea how bad it was. With my depression and anxiety on top of emotional drinking I found myself choosing drinking over eating and doing chores. My family lives back in Cali so is hard. Thank god I have my fur babies. I’m embarrassed of saying I’m an alcoholic cuz I did this to myself. I joined a softball team that starts next month so that’s something I’m looking forward to. I’m here to hopefully find advice, guidance and meet people you are/were going through what I am going through. Any advice, tips or tricks would help. Hope y’all are having a blessed day


Welcome to the community! I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis but glad you have joined us :slightly_smiling_face: I wouldn’t be sober without this amazing place.

@mleclaire may be able to give you some helpful advice in regards to the cirrhosis.


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I know there are remedies and treatment options, I’m sure you’ve been looking into this already. You’re still young and you have your whole sober life ahead of you.
You have nothing to be embarrassed of, here. No one is here because they have always been sober and love talking about it. We have wrecked cars, stolen money, divorce, lawyers, jail, you name it. But, we’ve never given up, no matter how many times we fall. You’re in good company here, consider this a safe space.


Thank you! I’ll take it. Lol


That you so much I appreciate it :pray:t3:


Hey and thank you for your post. Best of luck with the detox. It may not be the easiest but if you perservere i promise it will be worth it. Im sorry about your diagnoses and i know that there is plenty to help manage it. I even knew someone who recovered from a failing liver a year after giving up drinking. Im also an alcoholic and i am 10 days back in from a week long binge. I got 6 weeks before that and it was amazing. Everything started going great and i was feeling like a new person. I stopped checking in and relapsed. My grandfather also had cirrhosis but he drank himself to death before it killed him. We need to do this now for ourselves and our loved ones. I suggest being gentle with yourself, excercise is a great way to release healthy dopamine and sweat out toxins. Plenty of fluids. You may be sick at the start but remember all this passes and when you come out the other side after that first night of solid sleep you will feel better. Take it one day at a time. I picked up a great book by Annie Grace and its giving me tremendous hope reading it. Check in here every chance you get. I wish you the best of luck in your journey and i believe that we can do this. We deserve happiness and to start living properly. Sending love❤


Thank you! I’m sorry for your loss. I’m nervous but excited. I appreciate your words of encouragement. My first day is almost done so that’s a step. How long is the after amount of days with withdrawals till you kinda feel normal again?


I felt kinda “off” for the first week or so, but after two weeks I felt pretty normal. Then it just keeps getting better :slightly_smiling_face: Just remember that the first few weeks are by far the hardest and it won’t always be this hard.

The only thing that lingered for a while for me was phantom hangovers. It was the weirdest thing. I would wake up feeling extremely hungover and it would last for like 5 or 10 minutes and then disappear. I haven’t heard many other people who had that issue though, I believe it was purely mental.


I’m sorry about your diagnosis. You are in my prayers everyday and always. Don’t be or feel ashamed to be an alcoholic. The illness is not contagious. Real and true story.

My mom was diagnosed with Liver cirrhosis. She took the proper steps, quit drinking and got in touch with a Doctors in Wisconsin. The liver can heal. She also got in daily regimen of eating healthy (eliminating process foods and MSG/Salt) She also drank 8 bottles of water a day, exercised (not to hard) walking, and treadmills. She also starting taking vitamins good for the liver as well.
I did quit drinking thinking of her. She was a true motivation for me. She is alive and well and will be 70 in May 2023. You are in control.


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:

It’s full of such caring supportive people here, I’m really glad you have joined us.
I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis, take a good read around and keep reaching out, I look forward to see you around :hugs:


Welcome to the sober party. Not gonna lie the first two weeks were tough, not just physically but mentally. Sobriety is AMAZING. The key for me was to not focus on a label like alcoholic or the thought of never drinking again. Forever seems daunting. The key for me is perspective. All we have is today. You’ll hear one day at a time because its so true.

Write out a cons list of continuing down the road youre on. Come back to it when cravings hit. Write down a list of triggers. Lonliness and avoidance were big ones for me. Write a counter activity or feeling to those triggers.Come here often.

Id put a solid 20 years into my addiction and without this place and AA i wouldnt have nearly 300 days this week.

Its possible and you are worth it.


I too experienced this for the first time this morning, It was very odd. I thought to myself as well if it was just mental (like a muscle memory scenario) It did go away quickly and then I felt great! But it surely wasn’t welcome! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh wow I’ve never heard of that either! When I tried to quick before I would get headaches, nauseous, my body would physically be cold but I’d be sweating :persevere:

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Thank for for the tips! And congratulations on your journey! That’s amazing :relaxed:

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Yea I went through all of that as well! Just make sure you get medical attention ASAP if it starts to get bad. Withdrawal is no joke. Good thing is that this can be the last time you deal with it :muscle:


It depends on how heavy a drinker you were. Id say around 1 week for the fog to start lifting and then after 2 weeks you are like a new pin. Just please keep coming back here. No matter what time of day it is in the world there is someone here to talk. I only opened my eyes and i checked in before i get my kid up for school. I hope you are well today and as i said be gentle on yourself. Try not dwell on things. Its actually so amazing enjoying life sober. The little things bring so mich joy sometimes. Dont let the demon alcohol have any more of your soul. I hope to hear from you again :heart:


I heard cirrhoses can be reversed by not drinking and a better lifestyle.
Maybe you can talk to your doctor about it ore ask Dr Google?

Be here much! Because it really helps to be here. It kept me sober for years now. Still here every day to read and write.
You can do that too! :facepunch:


I was a 3-4 times a week binge drinker for 20ish years. Some years I drank every day some I didn’t and there was a whole year in that span where I was 90% sober. It took me about 3 months to stop feeling physical effects of not drinking (extra tired, cranky, achy, hungry). 3 months may sound like a long time but it is really just a blip in the course of the rest of your life.

Welcome! You are in the right spot to make a change. It sounds like you are ready to fight for your life and the good people on here will help you do that. Reach out when you need help or you feel tempted, read as much as you can to see how others have done it and use the magnifying glass in the top right corner to search for specific topics (withdrawal symptoms, sugar cravings etc.). If it feels like too much to handle take that craving one day, one hour, one minute or one second at a time. Watch that time add up and watch your predicament change. Sending strength.


Good morning! Thanks for checking in! So far so good❤️ Hope you have a great day


Thank you for your words :pray:t3: I drank everyday about a pint or so plus seltzers. I’m doing good today just starting to feel the cold chills/sweat now. Not too bad atm