Living with Cirrhosis and Near Death Experiences, does anyone else have Cirrhosis and what is your advice?

I am a male alcoholic who was recently diagnosed with Cirrhosis in my early 40s (after Fatty Liver Disease). I am wondering if anyone else in the community could share their experiences (positive, negative, etc.), advice, diet tips, anecdotal notes, nutrition, supplements to take, etc. I have more to contribute on this topic myself. I really look forward to everyone’s shares on this, thanks so much in advance, I need help as I almost died twice from cirrhosis but have been sober almost 8 months now. Any feedback is much appreciated, it could save my life and others going through this! Do NOT Drink, it will kill your liver eventually!


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:

There are some people on here that have had similar experiences and may be able to tell you what helped them.
I’m not one of them, but I am on a sober journey due to alcohol addiction. Sorry I can’t be of help that way but wanted to welcome you and say Hi :raising_hand_woman:
I’m sure people will pop on to your post throughout the day when they see it :slightly_smiling_face:


I know @mleclaire has had a challenging but really inspiring journey with this. With recovery and healthy lifestyle, her liver has recovered a LOT even with cirrhosis. You can also search for threads about cirrhosis or liver disease, there have been a fair few over the years.

I haven’t had to deal with cirrhosis myself. However, if it helps, I can at least offer some more evidence of the liver’s recovery capabilities.

My liver: when I quit → one year sober
Fatty liver → completely normal liver
Gallbladder polyps → completely normal gallbladder
Symptoms of pancreatitis → disappearance of symptoms, and completely normal pancreas on CT
GGT: 1099 → 13
AST: 429 → 21
ALT: 148 → 8

It’s now been 5 years and then some. I feel like I have dodged a bullet. If I ever pick up a drink again, I know how fast my drinking would accelerate back to what it was (and even worse), and I may not be able to quit before the damage becomes irreversible (or something else happens).


Thank You!


Oh my Lord @ifs thanks so much for sharing! This is very inspiring as your enzymes were much higher than mine when I was diagnosed! I have been 233 days sober so hopefully in my early 40s I can recover it like you! Cheers and Thanks Again! This helps a lot, I really appreciate it. Does anyone else have similar experiences, or any advice?


If you are not using any kinds of meds you can help your liver a bit by using a supplement.
For example Milkthistle ore Liv52.
You can ask for advice in a drugstore (I work in one :wink:).

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