Lost track

Lost track of how many times I’ve reset. But I’m not giving up yet. I know I need to stop drinking and I know it’s not like flipping a switch.


What kind of things are you doing to enhance and maintain sobriety?


I am the same , but this time I feel yoga ( Dan tain ) and meditation is really helping to keep me in the moment :two_hearts:

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Drinking seltzer water and not thinking about alcohol. Exercising. It doesn’t help that my wife drinks most nights. And when I see her drink….

Ever think about a program of recovery? One saved my life

Not for me. Assuming you mean AA. I don’t believe in God and I’m told that there’s believe in God in AA.

Plenty of people in AA who don’t believe in God. @Rain666 is my go to for this

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I don’t believe in God and go to AA.


A lot of other things than AA…

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Check the list here:

Resources for our recovery

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Folks…I didn’t mean to offend anyone by saying I don’t believe in God. I absolutely respect other people’s beliefs. And if it works for you then that’s fine.

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Plenty of people don’t believe in God. I don’t think you offended anyone

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You didn’t offend anyone. Working sobriety is very much about recognizing you can’t control others, you can’t control most things in life. You can’t control what’s gonna happen in the weather - in other peoples choices - all you can do is walk sympathetically and supportively beside them.

So - what do you want? What sort of problems have you been seeing from your drinking?

Only belief you need in AA is the belief that if you work the program, it will set you free from your prison.
If you’re afraid of the word God mentioned in the program, then there are plenty of AA meetings that are for atheists etc…
I recommend giving it a go, with an open mind.
Nothing will work for you if you go in with an attitude that you don’t want it to work.
Bottom line is that you keep relapsing. The priority should be that you are willing to do what ever it takes to make that stop.
What ever it takes is often something that you wouldn’t like to do but become willing to do anyways.
AA saved my sad atheist existence. And I didn’t have to start to believe in any deity what so ever.
I can highly recommend.

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