Macros Talk

Guys and gals, I’m just curious about everyone’s style of tracking their intakes of food, who enjoy working out and training, or have a need to track these things for any particular reason.

What’s your preferred method of tracking calories, macros, meals whatever your take is.
Just seeking a discussion about it.

I’m currently on a 40:30:30 p:c:f staying at approximately 1350 net-ish calories per day unless I’m hungry and have been very active I’m fine with an extra nourishing snack or small meal.
I was never perfect at macros and calories, my goal is a bit of body composition adjustment, add muscle to replace fat.

I am on 75 / 20 / 5 fat, protein, carb keto…tho I am rather lazy Keto as I no longer weigh or track…mostly because I eat basically the same foods all the time. I also IF most days about 18/6. I love the focus and lack of insulin spiking…plus working out while fasting feels great.

I used MyFitnessPal for tracking for years. Their paid app has some great features.


I like mfp, but their paid version is not in budget atm, but I’m working on making room soon for it since I do use the macro tracking portions.

Keto is so huge right now, I’m to tempted by steamed rice at home so it’s hard to manage the carb ratio.
Lazy tracking definitely works if you have similar meals often.

I just never got into rice. I did used to make a great homemade no knead bread tho…mmI miss fresh out of the oven bread.

Lots of keto friends use carb manager, not sure if it is customizable. What do you use for tracking now?

Currently and have always really used my fitness pal.
I just am playing the macro calories game right now with what I need to work toward my goal without overshooting and gaining fat. :joy:

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Hey @AppropriateStress are you still looking for two cents or are you good on this topic?

It’s an open topic. I was just curious about other people’s approach in general. A discussion.

Ah, OK gotcha. Reading is fundamental. It says just that in your original post. :grimacing:

So, to answer this question; eat 5 to 7 small meals a day and lift heavy shit. People tend to get upset when I explain why counting calories and macros only work for the obese and the uber fit, so I’ll leave it there. But am happy to answer fitness questions! :muscle:

Im pretty much the same as @Sassyrocks, keto macros but I rarely weigh things anymore. I tend to focus more on sticking to the same foods that I know work for me. I also dont tend to check im in ketosis, I go with how I feel. Its nice to be at a point where I tell quite naturally if Im getting it wrong and adjust accordingly. I do intend to track a little more closely in the next few weeks while I incorporate an exercise plan tho. I think itll take a while to work out how much I need to eat to get thw most out of the gym.

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I am in a stall since mid May gaining and losing the same 2 lbs. My goal with keto (other than curbing my sugar itch and overall health and energy…all good BTW!!) is weight loss, so I am a little frustrated. I am adding in a little more protein and still doing IF most days while eating intuitively. I am about 9 months in to keto, so stalls are common at this point and I am at my lowest weight I remember, though I am 1 lb away from being overweight on the charts as opposed to obese…so…I think my body will adjust given time. Also being the summer I am on my bicycle less (in the gym the same), but it is so hot here I only ride maybe once a week instead of several days a week.

@Seabee I count Because it helps me personally, it’s all closeish, no crazy absolute I must hit this mark, as long as I’m nourished and not being I agree about the whole over counting and being super crazy about it in the end is only noticable for advanced body building most the time.

@Hailstrom I see the keto is very popular , however I already workout daily now so I like to source a little energy from carbs or my body feels tired personally.

@Sassyrocks aren’t stalls the worst ? Seesaw with 2lbs . I just took measurements and only track weight for mostly water weight lol it goes up and down much, esp if you are a salty meal you were craving.


Yeah, I’m gonna try targeted keto from next week, reintroducing small amounts of simple carbs. I think itll be necessary for me to acheive my fitness goals.

@Sassyrocks My focus when starting keto was weight loss, but I saw so many additional benefits that it stuck. I had some significant stomach problems that disapeared about 6 weeks in (im pretty sure that was an undiagnosed gluten intolerance) and general mood improved dramatically. Stalls are part of the process, i found tracking hard helped kick start things but confess I did push it too far at times. Got a little obsessed which Im trying to fix atm.

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I agree that the non scale benefits really do add up. I feel so much better overall and am not stuck in the sugar insulin spike spiral, thankful to be done with that.

I have been contemplating adding in more carbs in the form of more fruits and maybe some potatoes…as I miss my fruit and mashed potatoes!

Give it a go. Id like to see how you get on. To begin with I thought id do strict keto forever (silly really) but i think you have to experiment and change as your lifestyle and goals change. Im certain ill always stay mostly processed sugar free and low carb tho because of the other benefits.

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Agreed. I was thinking today about how I hadn’t eaten a piece of bread, chips or any ice cream in 9 months…that would have been hard to imagine 2 years ago. I also hope to keep the added sugar and processed foods out and low carb indefinitely…There is no value add to them.

I will keep you posted if I add in some carbs. I am reluctant, but I also know I need to adjust somehow and fruits and vegetables are never a bad thing. Tho 1 banana has 1/2 of my net carbs for the day!

@AppropriateStress If it’s working for you; you’ve posted some pics so I/we can see it does, that’s awesome! Count away! If you can go the whole day without being hungry, you’re doing it right. I know you like to workout; do you use pre and post workout supplements?

I don’t because of cost . I use foods with appropriate macro ratios before /after soci have energy and recovery needs are met.

The only macro I track really is carbs. Keep them below 20 and I’m happy. I have been working on keepin the kcals to 1900. I utilize the 23/1 fasting frame usually, I like my one big ass meal after work.


I can’t fast that long or just eat OMAD. Good for you for doing that!

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If I eat a breakfast it tends to lead to me being hungry again soon. It’s no chore to wait to get home. It’s the warrior diet idea