Major withdrawals

Does anyone have any advice on alcohol withdrawals? I’ve never experienced it like this before and I’m terrified. I feel so sick and I can’t stop shaking

Hey Clair, please seek medical attention. Alcohol withdrawals can be life threatening, better safe than sorry. I wish you well!

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Thank you. Gosh that terrifies me and I can’t afford to miss work tomorrow. Are there any remedies?

Not knowing any details, I can only back up @Dejavu and

With severe alcohol withdrawal, treatment is monitored and administered by a doctor to get you through the roughest part.

If you have any doubt, please seek medical help.


You can get medication for the shakes as well as the nausea and vomiting… medical attention is definitely a plus and stay hydrated drink lots of water to help flush your system… other then that time. Hang in there


I completely agree about seeking medical treatment if you completely cut yourself off after extended moderate to heavy drinking. With all of the help available today, there is no reason to do this alone.


Thank you!

Thank you! What are the signs that the withdrawals are bad enough medical attention is needed? I also can’t tell if I’m just in my own head a little…

Thank you! How do you know if the withdrawals are bad enough tHat medical attention is needed?

Ok thank you

Yeah, this is where it’s really hard to answer over the internet. The stakes are pretty high, so I expect a lot of cautious advice for very good reason.

When I went through my worst withdrawal I checked in with my doctor. They gave me an eval and cautiously sent me home with a script and an emergency number.

My case, that go around turned out fine but at least I had help and assurance. Why not find out?


The first 3 to 4 days are the most critical, but could be longer. The biggest danger is seizures, and if you have DTs (shakes) then that could be a precursor, or not. Unfortunately it’s hard to determine as it’s different for everyone.

How long have you been sober?

It’s really best to get checked it’s so hard to tell over the internet better safe then sorry always

Thank you very much. It’s only been like 12 hours

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How are you doing @Clair? The first few days can be horrible. Are you alone? I agree that medical help may be the best. I talked to mine and she gave me meds to help. It was hard and embarrassing but better than the alternative. Please let us know how are you today.

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Medical help asap. Withdrawals has to be taken seriously as the consequences can change your life. No need to waste a minute. Please go. Much love.

Thanks so much. I feel much better today. I don’t feel great but it’s much better. I will go to a doctor though thanks!


Thank you!

Glad your feeling better. I felt awful the first week. Vitamins helped with the tiredness, lots of water and rest too. You can do this.

Thank you! What vitamins helped?