Making friends who go to meetings/ working the steps talk :)

Good morning.

I’d truly like to make friends that go to meetings and are working the steps , im very new to going to meetings and I haven’t started the steps as I haven’t found a sponsor. But would be awesome to chat with others :slightly_smiling_face: I’m in winnipeg , Manitoba, Canada if anyone else is from here or even anyone from around the world would be sweet.


Welcome Kendra!

Have you looked at online meetings? If you search “AA online” or “NA online” or “SMART Recovery online” you’ll find online meetings you can join, and at meetings like that you can find sponsors and recovery buddies (here on Talking Sober is a good place to meet recovery buddies too).

Welcome to Talking Sober :wave:


Congratulations on your sober time and reaching out ! I toam trying to get to meetings Jacksonville NC in the mean time i do online meetings! Narcotics

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Yes I do a mix of in person meetings once a day and then 1 online meeting a day as well. :slight_smile:


Ive got hundreds of friends ive meet at meeting here in Scotland and i also sponsor been doing this for decades wish you well stick in with the meetings


In jacksonvilee NC?

In Jacksonville NC?

That is awesome! Ty! I prefer in-house meetings!

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Hello, You’ve come to the right place if you need to talk to people. I also just joined this place, but I have a little over 5 years sober. I stopped going to meeting since covid started.


Pleased to meet you! I don’t work the steps but I’m happy to see you’re here. :slight_smile:

Here are some resources that have helped me and others in recovery outside ofc of the big book and meetings which are awesome in themselves:

Resources for our recovery

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Yes ! Love this site for talking, In l Mainly wanted the chance to get out I don’t get out and I don’t go anywhere! I live with my oldest daughter and she hSas her own stuff going on! I dont drive! I just moved to NC so I dont know anyone! I do have a Sponsor she lives in watertown new york, We communicate every day! I cannot work yet because i’m waiting on surgery for my broken wrist! I feel more like a burden a family member At this point! Ty for responding!

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