Meditation Favourites

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well!

I’ve been meaning to get more into meditation for a long ass time. This week has been great and I have discovered that if I try to do it in the evening
I might even manage to keep my eyes closed as I’m not as pumped and hyper as in the mornings. In case you can’t tell, I’m not a meditation pro yet. It can be so enjoyable but I also avoid the stillness with myself in case some hard to face shit comes up and also, you know, the old addict VS staying in the present dilemma! But I’m learning!

I’m would really appreciate (and perhaps others too) if the meditation enthusiasts amongst you could share some favourite teachers, channels and other resources that have helped you develop your practice. I use the insight timer and have YouTube obvs. Any info or inspiration is welcome and appreciated.

Have a blessed evening all you sober souls. Youse are all worth it. :comet::pray::boar:

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I am currently using the Waking Up app. It’s guided meditation. So far it is amazing.

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i use an app w guided meditations in the morning and in the evening i like to sit and play some unguided ambient music if i have the time but im not as good about making time in the evening as i am in the morning.

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I’m always preaching the Breethe App. I love their guided meditations. They have tons of topics on almost anything. Even Election Stress :scream: :scream:
Sometimes, well a lot of times, I fall asleep. And I feel like I’m doing it wrong. My relaxation therapist I had a long time ago said “you must have needed it.” The only wrong way to try and do meditation guided or not is to not do it at all. And we all have time. You know why? Because the Breethe app even has 5 minute ones. You can find 5 lousy minutes in your day. If not you really need to.

Advise? If your mind wanders. Let it. You catch it and bring it back to your breathing. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Like anything else meditation takes practice. And the benefits are wonderful. For me anyway.

One more thing. I hate working out going to the gym. I use to sit in the car for 5 - 7 minutes plugged into a meditation. So worth it :pray:t2:

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Found this while searching for this thread - Meditations - for Recovery

Also have just set up a new Recovery Dharma thread for TS if you wanted to give that a try :hugs: Recovery Dharma: TS Sangha 2021

Also for meditations, Tara Brach is excellent if you haven’t already got her bookmarked. Lots of free content on her website and she does podcasts too. I really like her ‘RAIN’ stuff. Guided Meditations - Tara Brach

I first got into meditation using the Calm app which I found worth the subscription. I also have the Plum Village app downloaded which has a mix of meditation and dharma talks - they have a YouTube channel too :slight_smile:

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