Recovery Dharma: TS Sangha 2021

Continuing the discussion from Recovery Dharma: TS Sangha:

Recovery Dharma is a peer-led movement that uses the Buddhist practices of meditation, self-inquiry, wisdom, compassion, and community as tools for recovery and healing. The program is based on the idea that every one of us is our own guide in recovery from addiction, with the help and understanding of our wise friends and sangha (community).

Adapted from the Recovery Dharma website:

This thread is being created with the intention of discussing the Recovery Dharma book and offer support to anyone working through it.

I facilitate a weekly meeting on Zoom which everyone is welcome to join! I will also post the meditation and section of the book covered each week for shares, comment and discussion. For anyone who would like to work through the inquiries, we can set up a private message thread.

Zoom meeting details:

Tuesdays, 13:00 GMT join via this link

or use meeting ID: 558 318 4669 password: 12345

There are also a number of other meetings taking place with something available most days and times. Attendance at meetings is not a necessary part of engaging here although they are lovely and I would recommend trying one. A regular meditation practice, or the intention of cultivating one, is essential.

For meditation inspiration check out the Recovery Dharma book, the Sangha Support page of the Recovery Dharma website, the Recovery Dharma YouTube channel and the Talking Sober meditation thread.

Refuge does not arise in a particular place, but in the space within the goodness of our hearts. When this space is imbued with wisdom, respect, and love, we call it sangha. We hope that the pain of addiction, trauma, and feeling “apart” actually leads us back toward the heart and that we might understand compassion, wisdom, and change ever more deeply. As we have learned from practice, great pain does not erase goodness, but in fact informs it.

May we make the best use of our practice, and whatever freedom arises from our efforts here today. May this be a cause and condition for less suffering and more safety in our world.


I’m still interested. :slightly_smiling_face: What are the meetings like? Do you have to have your camera on or do any talking?


Here’s my experience with RD meetings:

  1. Any level of participation is fine. I often just listen (no camera or mic) and that’s fine. Many people do that. You’re also welcome to talk (with or without camera, your choice).

  2. They start with voluntary introductions: if you’re comfortable you can unmute and say “I’m (first name) calling from (location)”. If you don’t want to chime in, you don’t have to; there’s no pressure.

  3. Then there are some readings from the book that are usually done by people who volunteered before the meeting started.

  4. A 15-20 minute guided meditation

  5. Voluntary shares 3-5 minutes per person. This can be about the meditation, the readings, or anything you want to talk about. Some meetings do hand raising, some meetings do tag-pass. If you don’t want to share in the latter format, you can either just say “pass” e.g., in the chat (some people also change their username to “username - just listening”)

That’s been my limited experience anyway. Happy to answer any questions if you’ve got them!


This is one of those really rare moments would I would like to listen to and keep my talk to little.

However, I’m always doing stuff around the time.

Hopefully it goes well though.

Thank you,


Too bad I’m working most Tuesdays at that time so I won’t be able to join in often. I do remember now that early in my recovery I got another Buddhist recovery book, Refuge Recovery, and being confused about there being two different ‘schools’ of Buddhist recovery. And then read about the split in the Buddhist recovery community and being disappointed about that. As in my mind Buddhists should be better human beings than the rest of us or something. Which I know is BS anywhere in any community and any walk of life. Humans are humans. But still I dropped the whole thing back then. Having refreshed my memory I’m going to try again now. Thanks @siand

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I’m definitely keen. Will join next Tuesday (so long as I remember!)

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Yes pretty much like @icebear says :blush:

No need to have camera on or share if you don’t want to.

The Tuesday meetings are usually pretty small and low key, I run them so occasionally a bit haphazard :sweat_smile: tech issues, dog barking etc! But good opportunities to practice acceptance and compassion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There may be a possibility of a second day/ time - trying to coordinate something that works for everyone is likely impossible but it doesn’t hurt to have options.

Let me know if there are any days or times (e.g. morning, lunchtime, evening) that are particularly good or bad for you?

Also @mno @Hailstrom @emc2018 or anyone else who the Tuesday meeting is no good for. And will try and work out timezones :sweat_smile:

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Yes I know what you mean. As far as I can work out they are pretty similar, but RD didn’t want to be associated with Refuge cos of some controversy with the main guy. I just do RD cos that’s the nearest group to me!

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Would be great to have you! If you set this thread to ‘watching’ you will get notifications whenever someone posts here, which may or may not be what you want…! But I will post on the morning (UK time) with a reminder and details of the meeting topic to be covered that day :hugs:

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How do I set a thread to watching? Sorry, I’m being thick!

This is what it looks like to me on the mobile app:

Hope that helps!

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Well that looks massively obvious, let me look now! :see_no_evil:


Haha it’s one of those things that’s easy when you know how! I only found out because someone else had written about it. Thanks for the screenshot @icebear ! :blush:

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Good morning wise friends! Meeting today at 1pm UK time - I think that’s 6am Pacific time, 9am Eastern time, 11pm Australian Eastern time.

Zoom meeting details:

Tuesdays, 13:00 GMT (British Summer Time) join via this link

or use meeting ID: 558 318 4669 password: 12345

Today we will share the Appreciative Joy meditation from the Recovery Dharma YouTube channel:

And read the section ‘Recovery is Possible’ from the Recovery Dharma book, p. 68.

All welcome :hugs:

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Morning! I’m going to join but its school holidays so will have my mic off! :joy:

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Haha well that will make it fun. It’s all extra opportunities to practice acceptance :wink:

Enjoy the meet. Going out to work now so alas.

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Darn, I’m missing out this time but looking forward to a future date!

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Sorry, I won’t be able to join as this is in my working hours. Enjoy the meetings. :innocent:

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