Meme wars 1...2...3.... Go






:rofl: What did cats do to you, @Allicat388?


Hahahaha I know right. I actually love cats. I used to foster them from the Humane Society and I would literally become so attached every time that I would make people I know adopt them. I actually made my mom adopt this one because I couldn’t give him to someone I didn’t know- he’s completely deaf so he loves being vacuumed lol… I still think cats are arseholes tho :wink:


Have you seen The Secret Life of Pets? I imagine all cats have a similar inner dialogue similar to Chloe…


:heart_eyes_cat: Floofy!

Awesome sauce. Guess we can love the little bastards.

You’d love my best friend’s cat. He woke up in the middle of the night to the printer running. Asking his SO, “Did… you print something?” “I’m asleep.”

Alice was in the living room repeatedly mashing the Copy button at 3 am. She is the weirdest little asshole.


Hahahha she had his copying needs in mind with the 3 am printing. What an asshole cat!! Just the fact that it’s called “Alice” lol. My favourite is animals with sophisticated people names. If I ever get a male cat it will for sure be Bill, or Doug, or something else ridiculous


Amos has figured out how to detach my husband’s CPAP mask in the morning when he wants to get fed. Even if I’m awake, Amos wakes Chris to feed from breakfast. Lol


At the last house I lived at, the cat was named Owen. My mom was always mixing up names between the cat and other roommates.


Hilarious. That’s ok, my child is named Jack, and the dog is Duke and I legit get them mixed up like 5x per day hahaha


I only recently noticed Amos is wearing an actual suit in your photo. (Sweet tie, Amos.)


“Owen spent all day in his box by the window watching the birds. Except when he was whining about food and wanted me to brush his hair.”
“Owen is the cat, right?”


Aweeee Amos is.a tuxedo cat!! So cute. He’s not so concerned with breathing as he is about being fed… :rofl:


That’s his work tie. I need to find a bow tie for formal occasions. He is a tuxedo cat, after all. Also my mom still periodically calls me by the dog’s name. Our dog died 18 years ago. :rofl:


:rofl: :laughing: :joy:


Which brings us to… The Bob Cats! Courtesy of The Oatmeal.

Though I’m sure Amos is much cooler at work.


Oh no, Amos is definitely doing that. He’s a fan of yelling at me and hitting my nose if I’m talking on the phone. And Chris works from home so his conference calls have a lovely soundtrack.