Metal Thread





Hey!! Just catching up! Glad to see you all keeping this thread alive. I haven’t been on the forum much (at all) lately but things are still going well. I recently hit my year and a half mark! Woo-hoo! I hope you all are doing well!


That’s amazing


New voice in my head will be Rollins


I’ve not heard anything from Rings that I don’t like. Solid tech metal band right there.


Digging this new one from beyond creation


Very nice, nothing like some good metal to get the day started on the right foot!


Nice to see other people like myself on this…I’m 3 week sober today and i love
three days grace animal I have become helps too


Love obscure. Going to see them in Dallas in October. Check this one out.


10 points to anyone who knows what movie this song is on.


What does ten points get me then?


No idea what movie that’s from but I did listen to some CC on the way to work today. Gon be a great day!


Good question. Didn’t think that far ahead lol


The answer is…Ace Ventura Pet Detective


That seems vaguely familiar lol.


The bass hits in this jam are intense


Cool…I can totally hear the Pantera influence on this one…which is never a bad thing. I’m still waiting for the next Pantera to hit the stage…I mean at some point that just gotta happen?
Children of Bodom at their best sometimes come pretty close with riffing and all…but not quite there still


Never really a fan of CoB. Reaper album was aight but just didn’t get into them.