Methamphetamine soberiety?

Ive noticed alot of people on here are going through alcohol rehabilitation but im a little diffrent im quitting methamphetamine an on 50 days clean is anyone else on here doing rhe same?


Seems like 90% recovering alcoholics 10% addicts. There are a few people who have recovered from meth here tho. I was an opiate addict, but i didnt find many here. I usually just go on NA Virtual to be around more addicts to talk to. You will also find help here since addiction is addiction. Hopefully you get some responses, but also check out NA Virtual for meetings or reddit has addict subreddits to specific DOC. Good luck on your recovery!


Congratulations on ur 50 days of freedom! There are quite few people on here that have quit meth. Myself included. Although i quit meth a number of years ago, i remember quitting it like it was yesterday, just with how difficult it was on me mentally and physically. The nice thing about this forum is that no matter what people are recovering from, i can relate to every single person bcuz the obsession of the mind is the same. We may use different things, but we all have the disease of addiction. I hope ur able to find common ground with others on here. This is an amazing forum of amazing people!


I used meth for about a year and I’m now 5 year’s and 8 month’s clean from it. Way to go on your 50 day’s… That was the hardest part… My best advise is to stay far away from it and always remember how great you are without it. It only gets better!!! I got my life back by laying that down… I was later able to lay down the weed and alcohol that I’ve been addicted to since I was a teenager (a very long time ago lol) more than 3 year’s ago… Stay strong and stick around… You CAN do it… :slightly_smiling_face:


Lots of help for you here. As you can see you will get many responses. Lots of support for you here. Congratulations on the days that you have.


I have just recently achieved 3 years clean from crystal Meth - 07/09/2020

It is possible. The biggest help for my addiction to meth was a 190 mile geographical change. once I moved - I never spoke a word about meth to another living soul.
This kept me free from meth, however I did pick up other substances within 1 years time. I thought I could be the first addict to ever “just smoke weed” :rofl: yeah fuckin right, that didn’t work for long. Then I thought I could be the first addict ever to “just take my Klonopins like they’re prescribed” :rofl: yeah fuckin right. Then my fiance relapsed on heroin, and it crushed me. I had never seen or done heroin before that day, 02/09/2021. I will never forget it. The following month on 03/14/2021 was the first time I ever tried heroin. My fiance had no idea I had found it in his wallet and took it. I walked to the park across the way from our house, called my best friend and had her stay on the phone with me, while I snorted my first line of heroin. She was against it, but she knew that I couldn’t be stopped, and that for my safety she had no choice but to stay on the line. . & I fucking hated it. The most miserable high i have ever felt in my life. . But like the junkie I am … I saved some. Snorted 1 line the next morning after fiance left for work. Walked out daughter to day care, I wasn’t too bad off. Snorted second line, it was O V for me on the spot. Sweat, burning hot body temperature, and I threw up for what seemed like gallons.
I immediately discarded the remaining pink powder into a mud puddle in a west Nashville parking lot.
I never did another substance until 05/03/2023 when I over dosed on fiances fentanyl. Now we are ass deep in a DCS case, both living in halfway houses and having to work the entire program before we can get our family back together. The stupidest thing we could have ever done, we knew better. I knew fucking better.


I’ve never been Methamphetamine addict, just regular Amphetamine Sulfat addict, but was on meth 2 years ago and I still sometimes dream and think about it, so I know how strong and smart you are for choosing and finding your way to a healthy sober life, now even 50 days in a row! It’s amazing.
And what I’ve learned from reading on here is that all addiction is very similar and the techniques to get sober are the same/very similar too


I’m a recovering alcoholic , but when I was homeless and a teenager I used meth quite a bit for a few years. I wouldn’t say daily, but I would go on benders with friends and wouldn’t sleep for days, have terrible comedowns, and would see shadow people , hear / see stuff that wasn’t there.
That was one of the weirdest parts of my party phase, that stuff is really addictive as well.

I always turned to alcohol to cope with any addiction or substance I struggled with and sadly through the process I left everything behind but got heavily addicted to alcohol.

It’s still good to be on this app, and just because you struggled with meth doesn’t make you any different when it comes to addiction. Addiction is addiction at the end of the day.

I hope you still feel welcomed here, and realize that people still relate to you and that we’re all here for the same reason, to defeat an addiction that we’ve all been battling.

Last time I used meth was right as I pretty much started my 20’s and I plan on never going back. That stuff is hardcore.


Im struggling today with wanting to relapse dont know what to do

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Don’t do it,…
Hope your ok… X

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Go to a meeting.


I’ve found I can give a bunch of advice but you need to stop for you. A relapse starts be4 picking up. What made you want to relapse?

A relapse is very dangerous
Please be safe and don’t pick up


I stopped doing meth about 13 or 14 years ago. It was really hard at the beginning. I cut everyone associated with the drug out of my life, that included leaving my ex husband who was my drug dealer, cutting out friends who I had been friends before we started doing dope and moving back into my moms house. Cravings will come, just like with any addiction. You have to ride them out. Do you have an NA meeting nearby or can you go to on online?

What are you feeling? Why do you want to do the drug? Is it just a craving out of habit or are you trying to numb from something (like emotions)you need to learn to deal with.

You can do anything you set your mind to. This seems hard, hell it is hard but trust me it is so very worth leaving meth in the rear view mirror


I was on meth for a long time over 20 years it ultimately was my down fall lost everything lost my family and was homeless for 3 years but I got over 4 years sobriety and it was the best thing I ever could have done got back all the family I could I’m a big part of my grandkids lives I bearly knew them when I was using but stay with it you won’t regret it , it feels so good to be free and just having me and my mind back keep up the good work


I always dabbled doing whatever was present in my partying days - mostly drinking and using adderall without a prescription. I moved from Louisiana to California with the “love of my life” and ended up as a full blown, shut-in meth addict. It was the most miserable year-and-a-half of my entire life. I stopped reaching out to my friends and family back home, I was very active socially and was the comedian out of my friends. I screamed and cried at my ex - saying to him, “I am erasing myself from the EARTH!”

Long story short - I booked a flight out of California to Louisiana just hours before departure time. Called my mom to ask her to point me at any rehabs she knew of near the airport, and within 48 hours (of coma-like sleep) I had myself checked into a wonderful rehab where I completed a 28 day program.

I’m 86 days sober and I have not looked back.


How are you doing today?

Yes i have used meth off and on since i was 14 i am 39 now. I stayed clean for a long time but found that every time i got drunk i was using again. So I am now 11 days clean and sober from both drugs and alcohol


I didn’t know this, Jen. Amazing that you overcame such a vicious addiction. You are a fighter!! And victor, too.


Thank you for saying that :heart: I don’t talk about it much. It was a rough 6 years and not my proudest moments. I was on it from when I was about 18 till 24ish.

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18 months clean for me. Congrats on 50 days, stick with it…it gets easier…

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