Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


A friend of mine posts random thoughts daily. I really enjoy reading them. Thought I’d try to do that as well. Here’s a first:

Jul. 16th mind blowing random thought of the day: During the late 1700s, Europeans claimed that tomatoes were poisonous because wealthy citizens were reported to have died after eating them. However, it was discovered approx. 200 years later that the reason they died was because the tomatoes were served on pewter plates, which were high in lead content, and when combined with the acid from the tomatoes, resulted in lead poisoning.


Oh man, I love this! I love random facts and thoughts! I know you and I seem to have some common brain functions and we are fellow nerds, so this should be awesome! Haha, how about like ten random things a day?

I’ll have to try and write some of mine out too. I forget them so quickly because I’m on to the next one so quickly, but there are definately a few that I always want to share with someone. Usually when I do people look at me strangely.


I’ll try to remember every day. I love random facts, nerdy stuff too.


Clark Kent is also Superman! Mind blown. Boom


Dick clark dropped the ball for many years :eight_pointed_black_star::bomb:


Jul. 17th mind blowing random thought of the day: “Omphaloskepsis” is the act of gazing into one’s own navel while meditating.


You can fit 16 baby opposums in a tablespoon


They’re that small, huh?


Yeppers… tiny tiny tiny


Anne Frank and Martin Luther king were born in the same year. In my mind they were totally separate times in history… :exploding_head:


You cannot hold your nose and hum at the same time.


Can’t lick your elbow


Are you a fan of James Joyce?


Dont even know who he is!

Jul. 18th mind blowing random thought of the day: Tires are black because of the chemical added to the mixture called carbon black, which protects them from ozone and UV damage as well as prolongs their lifespan.


Joyce was an early 20th century Irish writer. I’d venture to say the most famous Irish writer. He wrote Ulysses, Dubliners, and Finnegan’s Wake to name a few. I only asked because

is a recurring theme in Joyce. The navel and scatological references were his jam. Lol. Perhaps that’s my own random fact for today. And he used to ask his wife to fart on her letters to him. Enjoy your day!


This made me choke on my coffee :joy::joy::joy:! Reading J. Joyce will never be the same again! Omg hahaha


Mind blowing fact: If you’ve ordered Nachos at a restaurant, and the cheese causes all of the chips to stick together, it counts as one nacho, and you can eat the whole thing.


Hahaha! That dude and I probably would have been good friends.

@Yoda-Stevie I will never question that logic!


Glad I could help brighten your day. If anyone needs bizarre Joyce facts, come see me!


Mind Blowing Fact: I let the dogs out. Yes, it was me. I can admit it now that the statute of limitations has expired.