Mind Blowing Random Thoughts


In other news, someone out in space is throwing s–t at us.


Like Raj on big bang theory who can’t talk when pretty women are present…unless of course he drinks :blush:


Nov. 7th mind blowing random thought of the day: There exists an Obama Fried Chicken, or OFC, restaurant in Beijing, China.


Nov. 8th mind blowing random thought of the day: Maternal insults, commonly referred to as “yo momma jokes,” are accredited to have been popularized by William Shakespeare, first published in 1588 in the play ‘Titus Andronicus.’





The first season was funny. The second was lame. Didnt make it all the way though it.


Nov. 9th mind blowing random thought of the day: Sao Goncalo Prison in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is guarded by geese.


I just googled that, thats kinda crazy!!!
I’ll have to read this thread more often.


Geese are animals no one wants to fuck with.



Cousin to the turkey, another evil bird.



The only time the word “incorrectly” isn’t spelled incorrectly is when it’s spelled incorrectly.


You are hurting my brain right now. :crazy_face:


Nov. 10th mind blowing random thought of the day: Tarzan, according to author Edgar Rice Burroughs, is merely the name given to him by his ape family. His real name is John Clayton III.


Nov. 11th mind blowing random thought of the day: The national anthems of Spain, Bosnia, Kosovo, and San Marino contain no official lyrics.


November 11, 2018 -the “seeds” in apples are really called pips.


My daughter brought this homework about the anatomy of an apple, and I was like, whaaaaat are all these body part names apples??!



They are called chop sticks but you cant cut with them