What a Great Word

St. Augustine said that he never had trouble believing in miracles because he had undergone the miracle of the change of his own heart :sparkling_heart:. When we start there, recognizing all that our higher power had to do to bring us aboard, to get us to accept :sparkling_heart:love, help, and our higher power it does indeed make it easier to recognize that miracles happen every day because God’s power is unlimited.

Perhaps you already see your life as a miracle, but if you don’t, you should! After all, as independent, brilliant, and self-sufficient as you may be, you probably didn’t get where you are today totally on your own. Usually, a little walk down memory lane will remind you of the people who somehow were there for you when you most needed them. You had teachers :woman_teacher:t2:who saw your potential and encouraged you, or close friends who helped you stay on the path to become what you wanted to be in the world. :earth_americas: You can see the higher powers handiwork in the lives and stories of those who went before us, reminding us that we do not walk this Earth alone.

Numerous miracles take place in the Old and the New Testaments. According to the psalmist, God is in the miracles business. Always has been. Always will be. However you may see you’re higher power. May you be a witness, wherever you are to all the miracles that your higher power has done in your life.

I give thanks to my higher power for the miracles performed in my life Some that I have not always understood but now embrace :hugs:. My higher power has blessed me beyond measure. :innocent: