Most effective strategy to fight urge

I’m on day 2 after having multiple resets the last month. Curious what you guys do that helps you fight the urge each day. I know I need to get out more (work from home) but from 3-5pm is my witching hour. Meetings sometimes help but sometimes make me wanna to drink. I know I need to find sponsor soon to help me on this journey.

Keep yourself busy. Distracted. Get into something you will enjoy. The gym, trekking, games, whatever works for you. Anything to take your mind off the urge.

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4 to 6 was my witching hour. If I could some how make it to 6, I was ok.

So I started cooking meals from scratch. My daily routine was pick a meal to make from a cookbook, go to store and get the ingredients, go home and make it. Eat it, clean up. That daily routine kept me busy during my danger time. Plus I picked up an aswesome skill.


I lie to myself. I tell myself, get to a week and you can drink. Then when its almost a week, get to two and you can go parrrttyyy. So on and so on.


Just say no to yourself! And keep saying no! Do something to take your mind off it.

I think it’s best to be out of house. Doesn’t matter how busy I am at home I will get the urge. Grocery store just means getting wine for me. Lol. Video games as well. I can sit and play drink until the bottle is gone

My recently posted, complete checklist:


But if you are at home and there is no alcohol in the place,what’s the problem. You have to face the urge and fight it!
Each time you do you get stronger.