Movie night NYE

A night to remember first NYE have ever remembered got the munchies ready looking for for recomendations for new movies horrors and comedy a think bit like my life was :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oooh I could use some ideas too, especially standup comedy :pray::+1:

I’m watching Captain Marvel, as I just got Disney plus and I want to watch the marvel universe movies in chronological order (nerd alert). I watched Captain America yesterday.


Every NYE we watch Monty Python Holy Grail.


End game tonight for us


Have you seen it yet? We just got Disney+ and I see it’s on there

i just went to see ‘Uncut Gems’ in the theater last weekend. it was so, so good. i heard their previous film ‘Good Time’ is equally great. GT is streaming. i also just watched the kevin hart netflix special and loved it.


If you’re an Apple user and have iTunes, you can rent movies. They also gave a movie of the week, newer rental usually, for 99 cents. I’m cheap. Currently it’s Godzilla 2. (In Canada at least). Might check it out. Anyone know if it’s good?

Yeah, saw it 3d at the cinema and have the dvd. Just love the movie
And it’s one we all like as a family.

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A fine comedy and a sign of a refined sense of humor. Love Monty Python.

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We just got it too, to watch the Mandalorian.


It’s just a flesh wound.


We will be watching the 1944 classic Arsenic and Old Lace, starring Cary Grant.


I watched Some Like It Hot yesterday.


I love that its Super hilarious

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Love that too !!

We have Disney+ as well (for our grandson, but we can use as well). Free Solo is very good.

Not Disney (not even close), but just watched Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, since I remember those days, it was poignant…especially the ending.

Love Actually is a NYE favorite of ours.

Watched Z Wars series…so so.

Free Solo is an amazing show. Best line in the whole movie: “So delightful”

I was like WTF, that’s it??

Loved the show though.

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My kids made me get Disney + for them. I’ve now seen every episode of The Mandalorian. Not bad at all.

Haven’t watched it yet…