My addiction to alcohol has me confused

I know my addiction is creating friction in my relationships but I don’t understand how my two brothers and mom that had alcohol addiction can’t understand my struggle. I just get “just stop, we did!”. They each had 3 DUI’s, that’s why they had to stop. I just feel I should be able to stop on my own but it only lasts for a month at a time. I’ve tried therapy but thinking I need rehab but I have to pay the bills so can’t stop working. I don’t think I can do AA, not sure I believe. Are there other avenues?

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Just dont give up trying to quit. Is better to quit now. Saves you less headaches.


There is a statement in the book “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions” (essays on these topics by a co-founder of AA) that I found shocking and liberating

Alcoholics Anonymous does not demand that you believe anything. All of its Twelve
Steps are but suggestions. p. 26

Do not let an unwillingness to believe stop you from trying the program. As an alternative or a supplement, check out this thread, you’ll get loads of ideas.


Not sure you believe in what? Alcohol Addiction?

Is it trusting a “higher power”? Look, I am a professing Christian, and I haven’t done AA…yet. This is where life has taken me. I have a supportive family, supportive friends, my faith, and martial arts. Many here are not Christians. and that’s where life has taken them. Some of these beautiful souls do AA, and aren’t believers in a spiritual diety. They have higher powers ranging from nature, truth, kindness, etc. They do AA for the support, knowledge, and proven structure that the program offers.

And there are non-thiestic programs out there too.

The important point is that you aren’t getting support from your family, and rehab isn’t an option. Failure isn’t an option either. Coming here is a great step in finding support, and if you need more, there are non-faith-based options. You just have to be willing to suspend skepticism and try. If they work, great. If they don’t, keep trying until you find what you’re searching for.

Sobriety isn’t a spectator sport!

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