I def will. Its crazy today is 15 days sober :cry::sneezing_face::black_heart:


Haha thank you. Im funnier drunk n horribly honest too. :joy:


Everyone does…soon you are familiar with the regulars and it changes to something that you enjoy doing…going to meetings is something that shouldn’t be a task…it should be what we want to do…BUT having said that it takes time until it becomes like that…so give it time


I’m willing to bet all that I have and ever will earn with work…that no one is funnier while drunk…yet everyone thinks that to be the case


U get a silver one if u get a seizure from withdrawals. :joy: LOL jk. Yeah. It felt weird. I felt “Out of place” for a lack of a better words


Wow! so like u never stop going? U dont think u will be safe from “it” if u dont go to meetings? Do u think I should go the rest of my life too?


Yeah, I had mixed feelings at my first meeting. Some things I heard really rang a bell though. Very quickly I saw that these people had it figured out.

Congrats on the chip! Think you can get to another meeting tonight?


Yeah, tonight. Im going to go again…


(Ha, good timing. :wink:) Awesome! :+1:


Yeah its hard. My triggers are EVERYWHERE but When i get it to my head that Im done with something I really try. If there’s only one little bit of me that doesnt want to quit. I fail 100% of the time. This time is different. :black_heart:


I felt completely awkward at first too. That went away pretty quickly. Now, I find my meetings really enjoyable and I always feel better afterward.


I actually am. Lmao. Its real silly child like stuff. Im usually the life of the party. My friends said and I quote “Hope ure still as funny sober as u were drunk.” I just said, I dunno we’ll see…🤷🏻


Yeah they all just stared at me lmao im like, “I like alcohol?”


LOL It was very Interesting to watch everyone actually support n care for each other


Oh definitely for sure.


There was some chat recently on the old saying about how in drinking we speak truth. This really gets at how we will say things we might not if we had our better judgement.

I thought I was downright hilarious when I drank. Looking back, I blurted out a lot of things that were downright mean to people I cared about thinking it was all fun and games.

In sobriety I’m a bit quieter among friends and tend to listen more, and saying far fewer things that I regret.


Now this is positive action I can get behind. Great work. Keep actively pursuing your sobriety.


I am far more entertaining now that I’m sober and I was a “hold my beer and watch this” type of drunk.

If they don’t like the sober you they aren’t your friend in the first place.


I still go because ive friends there and i like to help newcomers if i can its come away of life for me i dont go to as many as i did a few years back but 32 years later im still putting a wee bit back for the help i got in the begining which saved my life still have great family life and with the program it has got better and better. wish you well


Thank you so much!