Thank you so much. I appreciate the helpful advice.


You’re welcome.


U are one of the ones that give me strength. Please keep advising me. This app makes me so strong!


How’d the second meeting go?


I am so up in the air about AA. I feel like I should try it but I would have to try it when I’m at school. My home town I would know a lot of the people and feel really uncomfortable


Yes!!! Amazing. Very inspiring :heart:️🤸


It is called anonymous for a reason.
What’s said there, stays there.
Only been 6times now. Fought it for years.
The first few times, I found myself wanting to run.
Sit in the back. Leave when you want.
Just a neewbie myself. I like hearing other people tell their stories… we’re different, but with the same struggle.


You did the right thing. Thanks for sharing


Get it girl❤️


I absolutely understand that feeling; I used to have it too. My sponsor reminded me that I never really worried about who was seeing me stumble drunk out of a bar, so why the hell would I worry about being seen at AA?:wink:

Know who is in my AA homegroup? One of my former students. He’s been sober much longer than I have. You would think that would be terribly awkward, but it has been nothing but inspiring to see his success.


This is my problem too. I will run into someone from my party crowd. Oh and NA forget about it. Now that would be like a family reunion


I never thought of it like that but omg, that’s so true.


Even with was @MoCatt said about who cares if you’re in aa when they saw you stumble out drunk…I think it still depends. I live in a small resort town, my boyfriend is a full time musician and so literally everyone knows us. I was never one to make too much of a fool of myself out in public, it was always after we left that shit would hit the fan. My boyfriend has an “imahe” so he would get me out of the bar before I started crying uncontrollably or having a depressive episode. So for me, no one has really seen me in that kind of state. Not to say they haven’t seen me drunk but no one except my mom, boyfriend, and a couple close friends saw me at the end of the nights. So going to AA would still be really uncomfortable because no one except a select few people really know I even have an issue.


Is running into someone you know really that bad? Not like they’re gonna run around shouting you’re a drunk from the roof tops, they’re doing everything they can to get and stay sober too.

Hell having a sober buddy, someone to pal around with at groups sounds like a good thing.


Obviously if they are at an AA meeting they accept they are an alcoholic too and powerless. You know the same dirt about them that they know about you. This pristine image u may wanna put off isnt real life expecially when alcohol is involved. Any time i see people drink in relationships they have problems within thier relationship with themself and/or partner. You may not see it but people that analyze people myself do…


It’s not “that bad” I guess. Call me weak but I’m still totally embarrassed.


That’s the beauty of AA. Ehat is said at meetings, including who is at the meetings, stays at the meetings. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. We have a “local celebrity” that comes to ours (15 years sober) and no one outside of AA members even knows this person attends meetings at all.

High profile celebs attend meetings. You don’t hear about it in the media for a reason. And I bet you’d be surprised at how welcoming at at home you’ll feel even at only your first meeting. They are, quite literally, your people.


I was too. Even though I felt welcomed, i still had reservations about walking through the door. Social anxiety is the reason a lot of people start drinking. The thing is, everyone there is in the same boat. You walk in and you help people stay sober because it remind them of where they were when they first started their sober journey. It helps you stay sober because people who habe been working the program for months/years talk amd tell their story and give advice for newcomers just starting their sober journey. You get phone numbers from people willing to talk/text in case youre in a bad spit and need that support without the fear of judgement. It really is helpful. I actually don’t even have a home group yet because I’m having a hard time picking one. There are so many good meetings. And all different types of meetings.

I’d suggest going to closed meetings first. They dont allow people who are not in AA to attend them. They have open meetings (like when they have speakers - so their family or close friends can attend), and those are really good too. But you don’t have to worry about seeing someone not in AA if you stick to closed meetings for a little bit. And They do activities. We have a thanksgiving dinner coming up that I’m going to go to. Everyone chips in by bring food and peeling potatoes and helping to cook. It is like a family.


How are you doing @Igotthis88 ?


What’s the horror of familiar faces with a similar situation?