I never wanted to go to an A.A. meeting. n I did today…Im trying people. Im trying. Im fuckkng new at this n actually serious about it . please stop jumping up my ass if i say “something wrong” I got enough ass problems rn. the runs are bs -_-



Way to go! Getting and staying sober is tough and very scary. If you fall, just do your best to get back up. Sending support!


Nice one. Keep coming back!


Proud of you


So proud of you hunni, way to go :hugs: it’s always a daunting experience doing something new, but you did it :+1: your doing amazing and taking the right steps to move forward :tada: keep us updated


I like your honesty and your humour☺


Hey, hey! That’s huge! I went to my first one 167 days ago, and that was the best decision I ever made.

You are trying so hard. I’m so proud of you. And the chips? That first one is tough - and yet so hopeful. And you just taught me something: I thought all the 24 hour chips were white!


Awesome! Thank you for picking up that coin!


I’m proud of you. You can do it! One day at a time.


Well done my first AA meeting was prob way before you were born but im still going so your journey begins well done wish you well


Your most important meeting is your next one. It works if you work it!


Going to that first meeting was the best decision I made to help me remain sober. I was three months sober when I went to my first meeting. It was amazing. I received a 90 day chip, meet a group of people who understand what it means to be an alcoholic and deeply care about helping me stay sober, and a phone list of people to call when the urge to drinks calls.


This is awesome! Remaining sober, you’ll look back at those kind words and those stern words and realize you needed both.

I’m proud of you :blush:


I want to go. I’m scared to go. I went years ago and I had a bad experience with people trying to force me to talk when I wasn’t ready.


Yayyyy!!! Way to go. Proud of you. Keep going to them :slight_smile:


I had that same problem, I didn’t want to introduce myself, announce my anniversary or talk to anyone. And then one day, I realized I’m there to stay sober & I just told them no thank you. & kept it moving. You will do something when you are comfortable. If you want to go, go for it. Don’t let one time keep you away.


Mine is silver :slight_smile:


Sometimes I talk and sometimes I don’t. When they get to me and I’m not in the mood for sharing I just say im here to listen today and pass. They say thanks and move on :slight_smile:


Ty :black_heart: I appreciate it


Thank you LOL I felt akward :unamused: