I’m not sure lol but I decided I’m going to an AA meeting that’s close to my school. I won’t know anyone but I’ll at least try it out


Please report back on how it went.


I definitely will!! Last night and all this morning I was really uncomfortable about the idea and really nervous but now I’m feeling excited. I hope it goes well. I’ll let you know!


U dont have to do anything u dont want to. This is ur sobriety journey. Some people just need this app. Maybe you are “some people”?


That sound actually pretty cool :slight_smile:


Yeah i feel u on that…I feel like how i feel in a dress. so out of place n just so uncomfortable


Not till friday. Ill let u guys know. I was not able to do the other Meeting. Just Fridays. :slight_smile:


I still feel like I should give it a shot!


Like i said, Its all you doll :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m so glad you are going. Please let us know how it goes.


LOVE your strength. Nice work, friend :heart:️:v:t2:


Try SmartRecovery - No god, no strict structure in meetings.


Thank you. each day comes with a diff challenge but here I am :slight_smile:


I love the SMART recovery philosophy and found there are meetings available but not as many as AA. I definitely think it’s a good idea to try a bunch of different methods. I’m taking some inspiration from each one. I have a SMART recovery workbook, I’m reading Refuge Recovery, and I’m going to my second AA meeting tonight. Just feeling out what works.


Hey, well done you. I’m five months in an certainly didn’t want to go, but now I’ve already gotten soo much out of it and need it in my life. One day at a time and get lots of people’s numbers and bloody call them if you feel an urge, there in the same family as you and will certainly be interested and able to help you! I’m not a believer or a big reader but this group theory and open discussion and experience sharing works! Get your life back :+1:. Im in the UK and it’s the same world over xx


I’ll make you a 100% promise nothing bad will happen by going to a meeting. 99% of the time you’re understand everything said in other peoples shares, the other 1% you will only hear 1 thing, one person says but that is what you need to hear! That makes sense and makes the effort more than worth while. Keep coming back. It works don’t let “A New thing” stop you… it works!


good job on ur 5 months :slight_smile:


Thank you, to be fair it’s been easy. I whole heartedly know its due to AA not God or any of the guff. But for me it’s the power in the “fellowship” the humans around me that share my pain, suffering and guilt. They are my higher power and I God damn know I’d do anything to help them as they have me. A total stranger


Well then hold on to that, and give it hell. Stop thinking of urself as a broken person. Instead look at urself like a project. Fixing one area problem at a time. Im so excited to see who I am with out alcohol. :slight_smile: good luck


It’s mad I’ve suddenly got lots of time on my hands. I’m hitting the guilt bit hard in my life, so trying to make amends by doing as much charity work as possible. I’ve been given so many chances and now feel it’s time to give back. Good luck im sure your be awesome. :metal::point_up:️:muscle: