My new Reality

When I started this journey 37 days ago, I didn’t have a plan, other than I was tired of the added anxiety that drinking was causing, and I wanted “to take a break” from it. I told myself, when I want to drink, I will have one, as this is my call. Yesterday, I faced my first real challenge ( I told myself it was the 4th of July so I should celebrate - I am not even American LOL). Anyway, I went to the bar with a few friends, and ordered my wine. Just as I was about to drink it, I thought of every one of your stories/struggles/wisdom on this site, and I stopped on my tracks. Reality hit me, that I dont want to “take a break”, I want this soberity to be my new beginning. The wine was not drank (I took a soda water), stayed for 30mins and give myself permission to leave early. I woke today feeling proud but a little scared of the journey ahead. Thanks for letting me share, and know all of you give me courage to do this.


Very well done. Congratulations to your 37 days!

That is determination in action!

You’re doing brilliantly and that took courage … and something else. A true desire to never drink :blush::+1:

Way to set a good example! And so well done saying no to the first drink :bird:

Thank you. This site has taught me that the only drink matters is the first one. I might have to get this on a t.shirt :sunglasses:


Great share! Thank you! Really well done!!

Way to go!

Sounds a bit like me. I just cracked day nine.
Keep going. I heard after a full year things start to reverse themselves in your body.

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A full year!! Oh sweet Jesus this journey is gonna be interesting :drooling_face:

Your amazing x

Some of us take a direct approach to sobriety, whether forced or truly desperate and some of take a circuitous route starting with wanting a change.

Doesn’t matter how we come to the conclusion, just that we do.

Welcome to the fold, being sober is a way of life and a damn fine one at that.


I do believe you had what AA calls a “moment of clarity”, and you said “no” to the drink that matters…the first drink.

Amazing what an unpickled brain is capable of. Keep getting better at getting better each and every day. Better today than you were yesterday and tomorrow better still!


Thank you for your words of wisdom. I feel today is my new day 1. Even though I have not drank in 37 days, my mind set durning that time was, this is only a break, and I will be back being, the life and soul of the party soon (ie the loudest!!) As each day passed, and from checking in here, I realized my problem was greater than I thought.
By refusing that first drink, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders and the feeling of, I don’t have to fake it anymore. Maybe this is what it means to surrender :thinking:


Thank you. I am scared yet a little excited to open the doors of new sober opportunities, and discovering who I really am. I am going to trust and believe that being sober is away more fun, and that I don’t need alcohol to participate in life. Here goes…


Not at all. Just feeling old and exhausted from putting on the show. “Friends” are gonna be shocked to know that I am very shy and that I really can’t dance like Tina Turner :joy::joy::joy:

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Having the ability to SAY NO after already ordering the wine is a huge testament if your desire to stop drinking. At 37 days, I don’t think I could have turned away pills if I either I had found some or offered some. Staying sober is the ability to say no to the first drink. If you don’t take that first one, there’ll never be the 2nd, 3rd…BLACKOUT When you’re tempted to drink again, post here first. Let us help you get it through it. Always remember, NEVER CRAVE ALONE


Thank you. Being honest with myself really feels like the first step. Trusting in God that I will never look back :slight_smile:

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The first time I attempted to get sober I read a blog called “tired of thinking about drinking”.

That title is so great because once you can make the decision that drinking is not an option it frees you. I never have to contemplate when or if I am going to have a drink ever again… if it pops into my head randomly … my mind just says no and moves on.

What, when,how, why and where of drinking took up so much of my life. Now it takes up no time in my life.


And, I still had to pay for the wine I didn’t drink (that was more painful LOL) As for the, blackouts, yeah that needs to be put on a t.shirt too - “remember” the blackouts :wink: