My Sober journey 💝


I’m sorry if my English is not perfect (french speaking) but I want to share if it can help.

I’ve been a binge drinker since 17 yo (I’m almost 34) on weekends mostly but 2 years ago as I started to live by myself (separation) I was very stressed and so depressed ….but keep on being good at my job, being a good mom, got another degree at the same time…my doctor kept me out of work for few months and I started to drink every couples of day, for almost two years.

Sometimes I got heavily drunk two days in a row (when my daughter was at her dad’s home). Drinking sleeping drinking again, and then spend 4 days to recover….last time it was two much and I decided that it was it.

It is not my first attempt to reduce or stop, I even asked several times for help into facilities that treated addiction (saw a psychologist for 2 years than she ghosted me) but this time it’s different. I went to AA meeting, then two, then three (3 this past 15 days)…and for the first time I felt understand, not judged…every testimony touched me deep in my heart and soul. I understood it was a death and life issue, that I was sick and also that I kept anger for too many years.

And so it’s been 15 days since I’m completely sober…first 10 days were hard : cravings, massive headaches, always sleepy, insomnia, nightmares, swing moods…but on day 11…something heavy left my chest. A feeling of peace. I don’t have big cravings anymore and I went to a party on Saturday where I had so much fun while being sober and living every moment fully. I went home happy. And the feeling of waking up without alcohol in my system is pure satisfaction.

When I feel stressed, overwhelmed with my emotions I read some AA chapter of the little book “living without alcohol” or I keep on repeating : focus on just today, deal with your problems, your emotions, one day at a time. When I think about the past I keep telling myself, it’s over I just can go on now and I accept myself as a whole, not perfect but trying. Just stay away from that first drink because alcohol is stronger than your will you won’t be able to drink juste one!

I know it’s a long road but I’m happy I choose this path. I HOPE everyone who is struggling will find peace, be happy. Don’t be ashame, and you are worthy of love, you have your place on earth.

Thank you for reading and sending you love.


Good for you Kadiatou - it is work but it is positive and constructive, and you deserve to feel good about your choice to get sober.

Welcome! :wave:t2:


Doing great . i to started to drink at 17 and went to AA at 34 and never looked back keep your meetings regular get a sponsor and get on the program wish you well


Thanks you. I feel Hope. I know it won’t be Always easy but … I’m grateful. How “funny” about our age beginnings and endings …

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AA is a huge part of my recovery. Congrats to you.


Congratulations on 15 days and welcome to the community! Your English is great :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks you. Happy for you :heart:

Thanks you. It means a lot :heart:

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Almost 21 days and I feel Great.
Can’t Believe how less anxious I am. Still tired tho and sometimes feeling like missing a toxic relationship. But you know what. I know I deserve than I thought.

Still pretty counscious It’s a very fragile state. As I’ll attend my first festival music while being Sober. I’ll enjoy every concerts not spending all my Time searching for a place to pee as usual :joy:

I can’t attend a meeting this week. Maybe sunday if I’m not too tired …and if I can’t go physically …on Line.

How is everybody ?


Thank you for sharing your story :pray:

I’m happy. But feeling a bit fragile…need a Meeting. It was 2 busy weeks and I don’t have Time After WORK as I have to get my daugther from School.
Cravings are stronger since Yesterday and I Hope I won’t give up as I have birthdays this weekend. Yeah I’ll go to meetings before. On friday and saturday’
Wish me Luck

Sending love :heart:


How did you make out through the weekends.

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Thanks for asking. It went really well. I went to a party on friday and on saturday…on saturday it was hard as there were no food at this Friend House just alcohol but I resisted. Focusing on how I would feel in the morning. And I dance a lot and had fun.

I didn’t go to a Meeting for 2 weeks but I will.

I’m proud but I know It’s a lifetime struggle if I may Say. 1 month and almost 3 days :relaxed:


1 month and Almost 4*

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Good for you. I’m glad you had a good time without the alcohol. Unfortunately yeah it’s a lifetime struggle, but that’s why people who have been sober a while tell you only to worry about today. And worry about tomorrow when it gets here.

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Yesss. That’s why I need meetings to remind me this. And people here. Thank you It’s mean a lot. Have a wonderful Day !

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Congrats on your sobor time keep doing your meetings work the steps n clean house n help others I’m proud of u there will come hard days but just remember they will pass

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My involvement with AA has been the cornerstone of my sobriety. I went to as many meetings as I could. At the time I got sober there were no online meetings, but I used them during the pandemic lockdown and they helped. I also found a person to sponsor me, too help guide me through the steps of the program. And I made some friends at the meetings, people I could hang out with and share meals and coffee with after the meeting.

I also used Antabuse, and an alcohol counselor, and an intensive outpatient program for a few months. All these things set my feet things in sobriety. It took me a long time to come to sobriety. Being sober and more serene is a far better way for me to approach my life than the old, self-propelled egotistical strategy!


Thank you so much :pleading_face::heart:

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Thank you for sharing and I feel like I can reach out for help here and I met a woman in my first meeting but didn’t Ask to be my sponsor yet but I sent her a text message everytime I felt weak (during the festival) and I know I Can call her. But I feel like I don’t have much Time since the beginning of september but I’ll Ask my mom to Come stay with my daugther so I Can go on thursday.
Thanks again and congratulation for your journey :sparkles::heart:

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