My Sober journey 💝

Your very welcome if u need me need to talk I’m here

Hi everyone.

It’s m’y second Time reaching 30 days and it’s not like last year. I’m not thirsty anymore but I know how fragile everything is. But I’m not too much in my head anymore. I’m taking action this Time. And attending meetings everytime I Can. Started New projets and don’t feel Shame anymore.

I’m grateful for all my AA Friends, and people here :heart: it’s a journey and I’m happy to be sober and alive to Witness all of that.

Sending y’all love and courage.

One day at a Time


Congrats on 30 days Kadiatou! Thanks for the update. Great to see you doing so well!


Happy for you. Sounds like you have a good plan and that’s great. Good to see you!

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Thank you Alisa :blush:

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Good for you @Kadiatou! :clap: :innocent:

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Thank you for everything Matt :raised_hands:t5:

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Congratulations on 30 days :partying_face: You’ve got this :muscle:
I hope to see you around on here.

Congrats on your 30+ days! Grateful that you are not feeling the thirst and taking action for a sober life ahead. Keep strong :muscle:

I realise it’s the longest Time I’ve been sober since 2016 (almost 2 months :partying_face:). I enjoyed a 3 days weekends with Friends in a french Fest where there were a lot of alcohol. Second Time I attended this fest while being sober and It’s very great expérience
I feel Amazing, and can’t wait to go to a meeting to listen and share with my AA Friends.
Everytime I feel a little upset, It’s never for more than 2 minutes or less. I’m doing my best and it’s great to be more gentle with myself and others…I’m less stressed and in better shape to face everything and be supportive for my loved ones.

Reading a lot. Books, stories, your words here…

Have a great 24 everyone. Love :heartbeat:


Keep going on your Sober journey. Courage! :muscle:

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62 days and feeling great. I’m experiencing for the first Time Peace. And everything I’ve been thru, everything I’ve worked for, every fail…was for me to be here and now.

I’m not afraid anymore to be me and not projecting m’y fears on other anymore. And I’m back to be the helper I want to be.

And I’m Reading All about Love by bell hooks and it’s funny because I couldn’t find It or the Time I found It I forgot my wallet…but It was meant to be like this. It’s a great Book and I feel every word.

I want to tell that one day at a Time works for me and to people who struggle, this is Hope because you are worthy of love, and everyday IS a chance to be who you want to be. Don’t be afraid to Dreams Big but don’t be hard on yourself. Trust the process. WE are part of the nature. We Can Thrive and WE will.

Sorry if it’s sounds like marshmallow talk but when you really reach that place waouw this is very nice.

Sending love :heart::muscle:t4:


Very good to hear, well done. I also got All about Love, Bell Hooks this week but not started it yet!

Keep going, courage! :muscle:

Got a New chip :star_struck: I went to a meeting Yesterday and wasnt thinking about It…It was the birthday of AA Friend. It was a beautiful moment. Then I met a Friend and It was really cool even if he asked if I am sure I don’t want to drink until I explain him that alcoholism IS serious…people don’t get It (I wasnt mad ). Today It’s a Sunny day. Thinking about all of you wishing us to feel Peace. Have a great day. :sparkling_heart:


Big congrats lady. You get it and that’s all that matters in the end. Enjoy your sunny Saturday :hearts: :people_hugging:

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Just Hit 80 days and saw this news about Adèle. And like many people I felt close to her and like her as an artist and person I think…she seems really honest and that makes her a beautiful and funny person. She’s 35 me too and on her last album I cried so much on the song My little love ( In this album there is also a song I drink wine and I started drinking at 17, I think It was also around that Time I Heard her for the first Time " Hometown Glory" in the UK TVShow “Skins” where teenager were drinking and taking drugs etc…)…but what do you think about this headline ?


Thanks for your truthful words and be proud of you …I’m feeling with you​:pray:stay sober for your little family :four_leaf_clover::sunny::seedling:

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Hi There. Today It’s kind a Moody day. But I’m taking think slowly and thankful that I Can. But my Brain IS starting to race.
I 'm writing down m’y feelings in my journal and put them into words and making the link to what wound or personality phase is triggered. It’s a great exercice.

Today I’m bringing my daughter at her father for the week, then I’ll continue to read my Book (and maybe buy one too hihihi :smiling_imp::rofl:) and go to a meeting. It Always a great place to balance energy. I’m not drinking today ( also I stopped smoking cigarette 3 days ago. Got my vape cig but only use It twice Yesterday because no battery :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and didn’t vape yet today)

Have a wonderful day Friends :hugs::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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It’s day 90

I’m so grateful.

An AA Friend asked if I wanted to moderate a meeting on Friday. I don’t know if I’m Ready or if it’s toio soon but it’s not the first Time I’m being asked. But I’m not avalaible this Friday maybe the next one.

Just wanted to had thanks for all the Sharing here it’s helpful. Sending love.



Hi there. 107 days. Today started great I was excited, shared good vibes etc. And then started feeling down…but don’t want to drink.
Went to a meeting. Heard great words that helped with what I feel. So I feel better. And I’m grateful and lucky.

One day at a Time. And even if this World is …:exploding_head: WE Can try to start over. Everyday is a New chance.
Today I feel angry I want to fight and curse, let out those feelings. What AA did for me and this app too is to look and accept them. To be kind with myself even if I feel shaked by others…

I’ll stopped there. Feel free to share and I’ll read other topics on my way home ( I’m sitting by the Seine in front of notre dame. Paris IS kind of calm tonight. But the Vibe is kinda weird :sweat_smile:)

Sending Love :gift_heart:

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