Natural remedy for anxiety

I’m having quite bad anxiety attacks making me hypoventilate I have done a bit of deep breathing exercises with meditation on head phones but it seems as soon as I stop its back. Don’t want to take any chemicals or alcohol (obviously) to ease it what’s your advice folks?

I have severe panic attacks myself, but i take benzodiazepenes for it. I tried therapy but it never worked. Wish i could help more :frowning:

This might too easy but it works for me. I was told by a Army doctor once there was nothing physically wrong with me, and I should take medicine for my panic attacks…or just tell myself I’m fine and work with a shrink. Well each time I felt a panic attack coming up I just started telling myself there was nothing wrong and it’s just my head playing tricks on me. The panic attacks went from hours down to minutes and then even seconds. Now I can’t even remeber the last time I had one. I did see a shrink as well and she called it “adaptive behavior”. Still, probably talking with her helped a bunch as well. You should always have someone to talk with to help with old fears and anxious feelings.


I’ve tried everything under the sun too mediate my severe anxiety, but nothing work except benzos. So that’s what i stick with, for now.

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5htp and GABA (amino acid) supplements work very well for me.

I read Lavender works great for headaches and anxiety

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I read a recipe for Lavender lemonade…see if i can find it,ill post it here

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1 drop of lavender essential oil
The juice of 6 lemons
1 cup of raw honey
12 cups of water

You should mix all the ingredients above in a saucepan. Cool the mixture and add more water or honey, to taste. Then, cover it, and leave it for an hour.

This lavender lemonade may also help you cure painful and persistent headaches, and restore the balance in the body.