Need hobbies!

Hi I’m new almost 7 days and I need a hobby! Reading posts on this app doesn’t count. Neither does cleaning or laundry…or does it? I’d love to make cleaning a hobby but…1 thing at a time. Any suggestions? I’m a big gamer but that only goes so far. Don’t have a bike and never been to a gym. Thanks.


This thread has many great suggestions for you!

Hobbies and Interests


How old are you may I ask? Learn to play guitar or learn a new language. Since you don’t drive take up hiking.

36 stay at home mom 10 and 7 year old. Straight edge husband. Live in suburban area. I like the idea of art journal.

You can have some of mine. I have way too many.

I get you though because it’s the thing o highlight as the biggest risk to my sobriety, if I don’t introduce new interests in my life and feel the time is fulfilling I can get pissed off and then the feelings of “well what’s the fucking point” comes in

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Hi in early recovery i would read lots of books about sobriety and did a journal of how I felt each day . It really helped me to keep focused on recovery. It’s great your have young children to keep you busy what about doing some baking with them something u can all do together that’s fun x


If you feel inclined toward something creative/artistic, get an art kit at Michael’s that has different materials in it. I got one with watercolorsand small paint tubes. I am not much of an artist but I love to create. I just dabble around with the colors and shapes. Or you could get adult coloring books and pens/pencil. It’s very therapuetic.

Yes baking is fun to do I myself bake like a fiend since in recovery. It ain’t all that bad getting to eat it either. :laughing:
Start a playgroup for your younger child this way you can meet new people.

Try out different things till you find a hobby that works for you. I’m new to finding hobbies myself. I’m starting to get into knitting and crocheting. It keeps the hands and mind busy

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You could try out something like yoga or sports in general. I know its difficult to start being active sometimes but if you look into it theres a lot of interesting sports that are a lot of fun. I personally hated sports all my life until I found aerial silk and circus acrobatics. Living an active life plays a big part in being healthy and I feel like theres really something for everybody :slight_smile: