Need some support right now

Day 2 Again. Ugh. Anxiety is really bad, and I can’t eat anything. I know this is normal, but I need some people to tell me it will be OK if I just stick it out. My family doesn’t get it and keeps pushing food on me. Luckily I have an appointment with a counselor tomorrow. I’m also increasing my Prozac dosage, which was working well for me before now. But it hasn’t kicked in yet.

I have some low dose Xanax, but am hesitant to use it, since I don’t have a lot. And CBD oil isn’t cutting it. I don’t use THC (too anxiety producing).

It doesn’t help I was laid off from my job of 6 years right before X-Mas. Alcohol is how I’ve been coping with anxiety/uncertainty/heartbreak for so long. I had this vision some time off would be good for me, but it’s just made it worse. Ironically, I worked all through the Pandemic, so not working is new to me. But my anxiety is so bad, it’s hard to imagine seriously seeking work right now.

It’s kind of terrifying thinking about quitting drinking, but just as (if not more) terrifying than staying in this vicious cycle any more.

I’ve been reading others’ struggles/experiences for a few days now and it’s helping me feel not so alone. Thanks in advance to anyone for any support.


Totally get what you mean by the whole food thing. I have an eating disorder known as ARFID and so many peole act like it’s so easy to overcome but it’s not.


Hey Gen.
Congratulations on the 2 days.
Oh, the beginnings are such a bitch to deal with.
If you’re still here right now do some deep breathing.


Just for today. All you got to do is not take that first drink today. Today is the only day that matters.
Like most, I struggled a lot at the beginning. Lots and lots of very hot showers and tears helped me a lot. I’d get in that shower and just cry it out. I was so upset. I had lost my coping method. And lots of angry power walks with Eminem and so other angry pop and rap. Twice a day I did power walks.
And breath. Keep checking in here. Keep reading.
I know a lot of people like to read the gratitude thread. Daily Gratitude, The Air Of Recovery #3 - #788 by Bootz We all got a lot in common and a lot to be grateful for when we’re sober. I got nothing but more misery when I’m drinking.
Breathe :woman_in_lotus_position:


Stay strong!
I remember the anguish and despair in the early days of sobriety. It does get easier the longer you go. You are battling the mental obsession part of this dastardly disease. Excellent you are reaching out! We do this one day st a time TOGETHER!!
I am now sober 3yrs and 5 months after 50 years of drinking. I am 70 yrs old.
Together WE CAN DO THIS!:facepunch::heart:


Thanks @Dazercat. It’s amazing how much having some.reassurance means.

Some walks and good cries would certainly help.


Thanks @GentleWarrior

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Thanks @JadaWaters. It’s nice someone gets it!

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Tears and exhaustion are a great healing mechanism. I’m sure I cried an ocean of them. Still do. And it’s ok.


No problem! Some folks dont get the food can be a source of anxiety for some people.


Congrats on your 2 days. Anxiety is rough, I know. I like writing stuff out, warm baths, walks outside, knitting, yin yoga and baking. I also like running, but can’t do that right now. The breathing stuff helps a lot too. Oh…coloring books. I like them. Learning to self soothe is an art for sure and it took me a long time. I am glad you reached out. You aren’t alone here.


Thanks for the advice! I have to retrain my brain to find other coping mechanisms!

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Absolutely! And you can. Believe in your self. It is amazing what we can with a little confidence. :purple_heart:

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Well, first, I’d like to extend my condolences for your job loss, that’s tough no matter the circumstances and really can make one feel like they have a lot less to lose.

However, that’s the voice in your head that wants you to fail. It’s the doubt and trauma crawling it’s way through the cracks in your foundation, simply looking for a place to root. It’s a malicious, viscous oil, attempting to seep its way down to the core.

Terrifying right? Well, here’s where the good news come in. That’s not going to happen to you. “Now Fringle,” you say how can you be that sure? You don’t know anything about me!”

Well, I know one thing about you, you took the first step and decided you’re done with that part of your life. Not only did you take the first step, but you found and downloaded this app. If you feel that it doesn’t show good faith in quitting your addictions, then respectfully, I disagree completely.

Will this be the only time you take that first step? I don’t know, but I know your fight is only over when YOU say it is. You might fail a few more times, maybe you won’t, I don’t know and it truly doesn’t matter because I see sobriety in your future.

You can beat those inner demons, that inner voice that wants you to fail…

So let’s dust you off and get you back out there, it’s time for round two.


Have you ever done an ice bath? For me it was completely life changing using Wim hog breathing techniques.
You got this and best of luck

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I know the feeling of losing a job. I was recently let go in January from a job I had for 12 years.

You have already gotten some great advice that i am going to echo a little bit.

Coping with setbacks and problems is really tough when you first get sober but it will get easier as you go. It will be way tougher the first month and then slowly get better.

Instead of ignoring problems you will start to face them head on and it will feel good! Once you feel the feelings of losing your job you will move on towards a solution. Drinking will only keep you stuck in despair.

Good luck with finding a new job. I know we will both find a new and exciting position.


“When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Of course if you have been relying on drinking, the idea of giving it up seems scary. But realising it is a false friend, it creates anxiety, even if it feels like it helps short-term, it creates brain fog when you need energy and clarity, will help you kick it to the kerb. I’m sorry to hear about your job. Finding a job is tough in itself (the admin!), but you can do it!


Wow, thank you so much Fringle. It means so much to me that you took the time to write me this message. I needed this today. Thank you so much again. :purple_heart:

Hey Tom_Riddle. No ice baths, but I keep seeing videos pop up advertising this one particular one to buy, lol. And I haven’t heard of those breathing exercises, but I will look it up! Thank you!

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Thank you so much, Gotno. Sorry about your own job loss. You’ve given me some hope this morning. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Thank you, Misokatsu. You’re right, drinking is just so darn tempting, but it doesn’t help, only hinders. A very temporary bandaid that rips off painfully. I just have to keep reminding myself of that. Thanks for that :purple_heart: