New Category: Milestones

Hi, everyone.

I noticed a lot of posts are around milestones so I’ve decided to create a category specifically for them. You can now post all your achieved, or ones you want to achieve, in the “Milestones” category.

I think it will eventually form into a nice collection of sober milestones that could help others when they are trying to look for motivation to reach those big days.

I’m going through the forum now and moving them as I spot them, but if I miss any you can welcome to move them over yourself.


What about a “badge” for each milestone?
Kinda like how you get a chip in AA for each one, how about a badge here for each one?
Just a thought…keep up the good work!


Day 2500 alcohol free today!!


My Milestone/s…

Saturday just gone was my birthday. The first birthday I’ve had for 10 years where I have gone without an alcoholic drink.

Today marks 1 whole week since my last drink.


45 days sober!
I’m so proud of myself, but the itch to drink is definitely increasing :confused:


Stay strong, you got this! :slight_smile:

Just don’t drink today.


Really proud of your accomplishments but this is an announcement thread explaining that robin created a thread for milestones :wink:

Hey @Rikk

That’s a great suggestion. I will look into what Discourse (the software the forum runs on) can do.
I think there will be two ways of doing that:

  1. Automatically award badges based on how long a user has been active on the forum
  2. It will be up to members of the community to award others with badges. Can maybe look at restricting this so only members of a certain level can hand out badges.

What do you think will work?

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it was done automatically according to how long a person has been signed up it won’t always reflect how long a person’s been sober…I’ve noticed a few people with more sobriety time then time on the forum.
I guess it could be handed out by members or moderators…not sure who else is a moderator besides yourself?

@Oliverjava what do you think? :grinning:


@Rikk, yeah I agree.
I thought about maybe giving community members that are level 3 (Regulars) the rights to give badges.

We currently have the following members on level 3:

The forum automatically promotes users to higher levels based on their activity.


However you choose to do it i think would be a great idea…
30 days
60 days
90 days
6 months
9 months
1 year
Maybe create a different looking badge and color for each?


All smiles tonight :laughing: Picked up my 1st 30 day Keychain tonight! 38 days and counting! So greatful for all the amazing people in my life. To finally learn to love myself and life again…to finally have inner peace. I’m excited for the road ahead and no longer dread tomorrow. To be free of these chains is priceless! #soberlife #livingclean #onedayatatime #spreadawareness


This is hard for me 4 days and going. Now it seems I’ve hit the wall at the moment. I sleep and I’m still tired. No motivation and little of that stinking thinking that gets us all in trouble.

Made it through the night sober!!! Can’t believe it myself🤔2 more days hit 90 straight. Probably first time that long since elementary school!