New here! Help me start over!❤️

Hello! I’m a 24yo mum with a alcohol addiction. Living with shame, guilt, saddness, depression (on meds) and want to BE BETTER! I could use all the motivation from you. I’m new to this. 2 days sober. I wanna get better and keep my husband and my kid. Thank you. Tears all over my phone. Ty guys (sorry for grammar mistakes, im european)


Hi Iva and welcome to Talking Sober! If you want help getting sober and staying sober, this is a great place to do that.

Here’s a thread that lists the experience of our members and the ways they get better, the same as you want to Resources for our recovery So stick around and read.

Good job on reaching out for help! Blessings on your house :pray:.


Hi Iva! Welcome!! Great work on two days. My DOC (drug of choice) was alcohol, it gets hold of you so tightly that you feel you will never be free. I can honestly tell you that you can do this! You have to want to do it for yourself first and you have to put in some real hard work but the great news is that you NEVER have to feel this way ever again! I’m so glad that you found this place. Come here when ever you can. Read as much as you can. The folks here know exactly how you’re feeling at the moment (I most certainly do). There is so so much support here and because it’s global (I’m in uk) there’s always someone here to reach out to if you need us. Throw out any alcohol In your home. Get some nice sweet treats and food in. Your body will be missing the sugar, there’s loads in booze, so make sure you’ve always got something sweet to go to. There is a smashing lady on here that has some really good info on H.A.L.T (we can be triggered with our cravings if we are hungry, angry, lonely or tired) I’ll tag her in and hopefully she can pop the info up for you. @littlemisschatterbox laura is such a fab lady :slight_smile:. Be gentle with yourself. You are now not alone, we will walk this journey together. I was also on meds for depression, the booze stops them working properly. Once you have been sober for a week or two the difference you will notice will be mind blowing! Also. Write down exactly how you are feeling now. The addict brain makes us forget how bad we got, you can read what you wrote to remind you why you want to stop. Sorry for so much info lol. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you about! Remember! One day at a time :pray:t2::two_hearts::two_hearts:
Sarah xx


Thank You Sarah for kindest words I’ve heard in a long time… Thank you!:heart:

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I heard something very helpful this morning “You don’t have to drink today even if you want to.”


Here’s something that I like to remember, from a very good (in my opinion) book to help you stop drinking…
Here goes.
What would happen if you drank - all at once - 500 ml of water, orange juice, milk or even CocaCola ? Other than feeling a bit bloated for a bit… nothing would happen.
What would happen if you drank - all at once - 500 ml of alcohol (and I mean STRAIGHT PURE alcohol) ? You would probably die from alcohol poisoning before you got through the 500 ml, or not long thereafter, anyway.
So is alcohol really so wonderful ?

By the way, my thing was/is red wine…

Hello Iva, I’m only on day 6 but reading on this app each day really really helps! You can do this. Go gently and do everything you can to take care of yourself. You can do it :slight_smile: sending lots of hugs

Hi Iva, I am so glad you found us. This forum has so many stories I am sure you will be able to draw strength and guidance from. That shame, guilt, and sadness get better as we heal and if that isn’t motivation then I am not sure what is. It is a tough fight and you need to want this more than anything else in your life but you can do it so stick around. Sending love and strength.


Hi Iva, a warm welcome to you :heart:
Were you from? I’m Dutch and addicted to alcohol. I’m a mom of 3.
Do you have a plan how you are going to stay sober? It helped me to make one so I got some kind of stucture. I will look it up if you wanna see it. What also helped me is being active here on this app. First year of my sobriaty I was here every day to read ore write. It really helps!
If you need help: ask! There are loads of helpful people around here.
You can do it! If I can, so can you :facepunch:

Alcohol free it’s for who wants not for who needs, everyday working progress. Better things will come.


Thank you mama! I’m so proud of you! This app is helping a lot, indeed!:heart::heart:

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