New here, with a new clean date

I’m new to the forum, hi everyone. I’ve been battling this for a couple of years now. I never thought of myself as an addict for a long time, but I know I am. I have four days clean now, and I want to get back to where I was. I made it to almost 11 months the first time I really stopped. I’ve had a few lapses that only lasted days rather than weeks or months long benders. I am realizing more and more I need additional support, like chat rooms, forums, NA meetings if I really want to stay clean. I just don’t use these resources like I should. It doesn’t help I’m physically disabled, but it contributes to not feeling up to going to an in person meeting all the time. It sucks having multiple disabilities, some excruciatingly painful, and no real way to treat the pain. I’m just rambling. But hi. I want recovery more than anything, I just give in sometimes and it’s frustrating. I just need the motivation even when I’m at a level 8-10/10 pain wise.


I’m new here too, I’ve done lots of day ones followed by lots of quit lit and sober podcasts, if I have learnt one thing from that part of my journey it is that community keeps coming up time and again so here I am. I am hoping that this will help me to succeed!

I’m nervous, I haven’t set my date yet but I’m seeking out any advice to help me prepare for what I wish to be my final ever day one :pray:


Welcome! It’s great to have you here. Battling addiction can be incredibly tough, but you’ve already shown strength by being four days clean. Acknowledging that you need additional support is a big step towards recovery. It’s okay if you haven’t utilized resources like chat rooms or NA meetings as much as you’d like—it’s never too late to start.

Dealing with physical disabilities adds another layer of challenge, but remember that you’re not alone. Many others in similar situations find ways to navigate recovery. Your determination to seek recovery despite the obstacles is admirable.

It’s understandable to feel frustrated when you give in to temptation, especially when you’re in severe pain. Remember to be gentle with yourself during these moments and to focus on the progress you’ve made. Seek support when needed, even if it’s an online chat or online meeting. Reaching out on here as well. One day at a time, you’ve got this! :muscle:t3:


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:
Congratulations on your 4 days :sparkler::fireworks:

It’s nice to have you with us :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the community & good for you for reaching out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have found this place to be a really wonderful space - somewhere I can check in, usually daily and read how others are doing and share whats going on with me too. I live in a pretty rural area, and I did do another program that was in person when I lived in the city, but for me I find that I love the numerous perspectives and routes to sobriety that people share here. Its been so amazing to have you all right in my pocket.

I think you will come to find others on here too who also live with the challenges of multiple disabilitys/pain disorders, who are trucking along in their journey too. Alls to say, i hope being here allows you to feel apart of and less alone.

All the best & look forward to seeing you around. Xo.


Hey hey hey. Welcome, I’m new here too. I like your username.
I also told myself I wasnt an addict for years and years, but I kind of always knew I was. I guess I just figured I could handle it in a harm reduction kind of way. Unfortunately, it progressed regardless and its undeniable at this point.

Four days is great, Im proud of you.
Keep it up, you got this.


Firstly I love your name.
Im still new too. Im trying to get myself involved. I had a bad day yesterday and the people here really were the reason I had strength to pick up dust off and wake today with new motivation.
My issues are all mental so I can only try to imagine what you are dealing with. It sounds really tough and I’m sorry you have to go through that every day. Living with pain must be so difficult its no wonder a person may seek alternative solutions.
So welcome and I take my hat off to you. I already see the strength you must have.

Ps im autistic so sometimes my words come out and give a wrong impression. So to clarify im absolutely not being patronising or condescending.

Glad to meet you. :slightly_smiling_face::v: