New hobbies and lifestyle

I am just now starting my journey of being sober… I find the hardest time and the time I always cave is around supper when I’m sat at home doing nothing.
What are some hobbies/coping skills I can do to occupy myself and be able to be more comfortable staying home instead of going drinking?


Gaming is huge for me to keep my mind busy.
Watching hours and hours of dumb YouTube videos is also a guilty pleasure of mine haha

I also love to cook. I try to cook new recipes atleast once a week.


I love the cooking idea! I’ll definitely have to give that a try. YouTube is already something I spend a lot of time on Hahahaha

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Sewing, yoga, reading, drawing, love @LyLyC idea of jewelry.

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Such a good idea! I used to love writing and painting. Maybe I’ll have to try that again :slight_smile:

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I like jigsaw puzzles, quilting, making paper stars, hiking, reading, cooking, coloring, journaling, baking and wiener dog memes or videos or anything funny.

Cooking has been my savior! I love to research foods and meals and meal plan. I love shopping, it’s soothing for me. I love prepping and cooking. I try to make one meal from other countries or cultures and almost always make something we’ve never had at home before. It’s therapeutic!

Steve!! Where have you been? I’m glad to see you

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AA has kept me sober for 335 days. Might be something to look into.


I have yoga classes - or I book a gym class. Anything to get me out the house :blush: I make sure I always havr SOMETHING planned, even if it’s a shopping trip or tidying spree.

I like going to new meetings and making new friends when I have free time. I also enjoy cleaning and doing laundry. Having a nice today house is really good for my serenity.

@Bill_Phillips had the best suggestion though. Holidays are tough for people in shelters and rehabs so see if you can be of service there.


Bill is right it would open your eyes and relise how luck we are

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