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Hey… so I’m new here… I don’t feel ready to talk too much yet; I only admitted I was an alcoholic on Sunday after the most horrendous weekend. Any help - advice - tips… I cannot slip up.


Hi Bears, welcome to the group.
The first step is to admit you have a problem. You already did that. If you don’t feel like sharing, read other people’s stories. You’ll see that many people have struggled or still are struggling, but the stories will help you gain courage to share and also understand that you are not alone.
Believe in yourself! And this is a safe space. I shared my story and still share my thoughts or doubts with the community. Everybody has been amazingly supportive.
Good luck on your journey :four_leaf_clover:


Hello and welcome and well done on taking the most important step, admitting you have a problem and asking for help. If your not ready to talk much its OK bc right now you need to listen to others who have long term sobriety so read lots and look for the similarities not the differences. Next time you want to pick up a bottle pick up your phone and reach out, it’s your strength not a weakness, there will always be someone who wants to help you bc we understand. You are not alone anymore :grin:I wish you well on your journey.


Hi Bears welcome :pray:. I recommend reading a ton here or books “This Naked Mind” is a phenomenal book. Sobriety podcasts are great, zoom meetings for AA (you don’t have to speak or be seen). Reach out anytime you would like to talk there are always ppl here there are some great ladies in the forum. I wish you well


Prepare for yourself a sobriety toolbox. This can be literal or not….it’s up to you. Some people actually buy a toolbox and decorate it to something personal.

What you put in this tool box is also personal. This is what I put in mine….

  1. A letter I wrote to myself. A Dear Dumbass letter if you will. I wrote it while I was still feeling physically crappy so I could read it over when the physical withdrawals were gone and remember just how shitty I felt (because, believe me, we get alcoholic amnesia!!). I wrote about why I thought alcohol was bad for me and why I wanted to quit. It’s important to have something to remember my why.
  2. I researched so much on the internet about recovery and printed out things that stuck out.
  3. I printed out images and sayings that inspired me in sobriety
  4. I printed some prayers and mantras that I could repeat when I was feeling stressed.
  5. I also started collecting stones with inspirational words on them or crystals that I could hold in my hand when I was feeling stressed.

You get to choose what would be good for you. Maybe a diary, or a pencil and scratch pad that you can use to express how you’re feeling at various times.

It’s important to get this prepared BEFORE your head starts messing with you and telling you it’s okay to have a drink.



Welcome Bears to the group. BTW Dan, I have that book on order. Should be here Friday. Looks really good.


Everyone slips up. That’s what makes us what we are today. Better people (hopefully).

Welcome :smiley:

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hello, fellow Claire! this is truly the only proper way to spell it. :joy:


Welcome Claire! We’re so glad you are here! You will meet some really nice supportive funny people from all around the world. Read, Read, Read and share when you feel like it. We’ve all been where you are! Welcome again - have a great evening! Charlie

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For me…I didn’t try not to think about it, it worked best for me to think about it and face it. Keep track of all of the reasons you want to stop and make a conscious decision to prioritize sobriety. It has to be a priority to be successful IMO. Good luck to you and enjoy the forum, there is a ton of good info and great people in here.


I think you’ll take away a lot from it :upside_down_face:.

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I don’t know your personal story but I highly recommend the book Drink, The Intimate Relationship Between Women and Alcohol. It is half research (psychology, sociology, biology) and half personal memoir. A very good book to perhaps help you understand why you might drink the way you do.


I first started here by reading other posts. After seeing how supportive and insightful people really are here the comfort of posting just came naturally. There’s no judgment passed here from what I’ve seen and that’s a big thing


Do you listen to podcast sometimes? It’s something I do ones in a while and it helps me to keep focus when I need it.
Recovery elevator is a good one.
See you around and welcome here :raising_hand_woman:


Thank you all so much; this means too much to me to slip up. I’m starting day 3 today and already the night sweats are horrendous. Should I be looking out for anymore side effects?


Welcome. The first big step is admitting you’re an addict. I dont have any advice on alcohol, since it wasn’t my drug of choice, but many people here will have advice. Good luck on your journey

For me it was:
I was irritated
Bad sleeping
Vivid dreaming
Fake hangover mornings
And maybe I missed some :wink:

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I remember @SoberWalker has this solid advice on vitamins and other stuff you might want to take to get through your detox a bit smoother and healthy since kickin booze isn’t a walk in the park.

For me… I couldn’t quit by myself, when i was really done using i chose help. For me that ment a treatment and afte that i continued NA meetings untill this day. For me that became a backbone in recovering and learning to deal with the feels and stuff which will emerge after getting clean.

Sp proud your here, you have to do this yourself but… Not alone.

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Hi there, can you help me learn how to make a post, all I can figure out is the back arrow to make a reply. I appreciate it. Thank you☺

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if you press the back arrow on someone else’s post it will reply to that person but if you press reply at the bottom of the thread it will just reply to that original post and no one in particular. if you want to start your own thread choose new topic at the top of your screen.

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