No Relapse Memorial Day Weekend!

There is NO reason anyone on this app should relapse this weekend IF they seek support here BEFORE giving in…

SO here is my ask…if you are struggling this weekend please reach out here for support. This is a worldwide app so support is available 24/7.

If you are not struggling please reply with your plans to stay sober for the weekend as a positive example for someone who might be struggling…There are lot of people here who have been sober a long time.


Wonderful thread idea @SoberGuyUSA

Im getting accupunture. Going to the gym. Nephews 6th bday party. Yoga. Lunch with friends. Oh and walking the neighborhood in a blowup dinosaur costume lol (someone did it during covid and it made my day and well why not? I can laugh at myself)


Me and my wife are leaving for the beach at 5am tomorrow morning, and going to see a standup comedy show in Atlantic City tomorrow night. ( Tom Papa), pretty funny. We’ll be home sometime Sunday, and than we’ll probably just spend the rest of the holiday relaxing at the house 100% sober and rested for work on Tuesday.:v:


I treated myself to a special lunch today to get me in the right mood. Set up our new hot tub, bought some tie dye supplies to work on with the kids, basically just staying busy. Tomorrow my daughter is marching in a parade so we’ll have some nice family fun. We also have a birthday party to go to tomorrow so I’ll be checking in here and then executing my exit plan!


Praying for all of you that you are successfully sober through the weekend in Jesus name amen


Lots of fun plans with friends, some sober, some not. But they know I am or just don’t care. I’m older! I’ll be checking in a lot as well as attend 3-4 AA meetings.


Long walk then swim with my sister in law tomorrow morning. Have some work to do tomorrow but hanging at the house the rest of the day.

Sunday we’re hanging at a friends pool - 7 adults, 7 kids - they drink but support that I don’t and it’s never over the top.

Monday a bit more work and maybe a splash pad play date with the family !

Nice and relaxing, not over planned and easily avoiding huge drinking spots.

I wish everyone well this weekend — I heard something wise about newly sober peeps going to events - check in before and let someone know your plans, then you’ll check in after to be accountable!


That sounds like a fun weekend!


Have fun at the beach!


This is motivation I NEED! I stayed sober Friday night and will continue to throughout the Memorial Day weekend. Getting my hair, nails and go shopping will keep my occupied Saturday, Sunday is church, Monday I will deep clean my whole house. I have to stay busy busy busy!!!


Having an exit plan from an event…That is actually a very interesting topic that people should be more self aware of in sobriety.


Just finished up some yoga and about to
get ready for a run. The I have lunch with an old friend today and hanging out with my Dad in the afternoon. We might go out to eat if he is feeling up for it later. Might stop by my sister’s since she is a few houses down. (Which used to be triggering for me because her husband was a good drinking buddy of mine. They support my not drinking so now we are just talking buddies.)
Sunday- probably another run, then brunch with Dad and hanging out with him or my sister. We might go to the zoo with my nephews.
Monday- doing a workout called the Murph for the first time. I’ve been wanting to do it for a few years now and haven’t but got roped into it and I’m actually really excited. Will probably have brunch with a coworker/friend after since she is going to the workout.


Ohh yes exit plan is key.

And start that plan when you hit your threshold:

.-For some it’s when everyone cracks their second/third drink.
-For others it can be shots and repeating stories!
-And others it’s the 3,4,5,6 or 7 person that asks if you’re sure you don’t want a drink :melting_face:


Yeah in sobriety being around drunk people gets annoying fast…


Thanks Chris👍

I’m spending the weekend with my senior parents. Honestly, I’m not even sure they know it’s Memorial Day weekend :rofl: (we’re a non military/introverted family). Helping out doing some yardwork and Spring/Summer cleaning. Lots of iced tea! :cup_with_straw::yum:


Good job staying sober @Rebecca80 and keeping busy with some self care!


For who right now struggles: you are strong, believe me. I’m so proud of you that you are still here alive, standing and breathing. If you will ever feel so lonely, remember me and write to me. I will do my best to feel you better. :heart:


@SoberGuyUSA I love that you started this thread and do hope that those in need do reach out here.

Worked today. Plan to go for an early walk and try to do light yoga tomorrow. Start up the grill for the first time this year. Watch movies, chill and catch up here.

@Cjp do post your costume pics - so looking forward to seeing this.

Have a wonderful sober weekend :heart::pray::people_hugging:


No memorial day where I live :sunglasses:
But having good plans to get me trough an extra long weekend because of Pinksteren/Pentecost.
Yesterday I’ve worked the whole day.
Today (sunday) going for a walk with hubby, do some housechores and in the evening a dinner with my brothers family.
Tomorrow another walk somewhere and maybe going to the cinema.