NoFap 90 day challenge

Starting my nofap journey to be OnePercentBetter.Please join me in this challenge.I will be posting daily updates to track the progress.


Nice! Great idea! What are the parameters for this? My BF is doing something likethis now ( no porn or MB but we can have sex together) and he’s changed a lot for the better… I think it’s helpful for people who don’t know what it is, how it works or why they may benefit from doing it, do you mind explaining it?

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Hey Thanks for your support.Please watch this video for more info-

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Welcome @OnePercentBetter,

We look forward to hearing back from you,:slight_smile:

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Thanks @KevinesKay​:slight_smile::slight_smile: .Are you on this challenge?

** Sure. :slight_smile:

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Day 1-Not much.Feeling great.:slight_smile::slight_smile:

Alright @OnePercentBetter. Nice to hear back from you. Look forward to hearing more of you tomorrow. Keep it up.

I had a good day too.

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Day 2-Going Strong :slight_smile::slight_smile:

Hey @OnePercentBetter. How are you? That link you posted. Was that yours, or something that you’re following?

@KevinesKay I am doing good.The video is not mine.Its someone I follow

Hi @OnePercentBetter. Glad to know it’s still going well for you. For me as well.

I would like to know what this means to you. I watched the video on your link. But I also know that every person is different. What inspired you to do this for yourself? What are your reasons that you’re doing this?

It would be so great to get to know the person I’m doing this with. Ovtherwise, it’s going to be a really long​ 90 days. :disappointed:


Day 3-Feeling good about myself.
@KevinesKay I am doing this to enjoy the littile things in life rather than wasting my time.I would always be tired and my mood after fapping would be bad.I missed some good moments in my family due to this.Also this allows me to follow my passion and work towards it rather than wasting time.
I am a 25 year old single guy from India​:slight_smile::slight_smile:.


Day 1. Its good.

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Hi @OnePercentBetter, :slight_smile:. It’s nice to have you among us. I don’t know of a lot of members from India. I’m​ 46, married with 4 kids, and from Illinois, USA.

I’m actually a porn and masturbation addict. My desire is to stop MB indefinitely. Because when I fap, my thoughts are far from reality and it just becomes counterproductive. And then my behavior escalates to porn use and then it’s downhill from there. Lol.
Trust me, my life is better without it.:grin:

I made a list of intrinsic motivators of why I chose to abstain from MB in my accountability log. You can see it here.

Continuing the discussion from Kevin's accountability log:

Thanks for sharing @OnePercentBetter. You got this!


Keep going @Vishal :slight_smile:

Day 4- Good.My skin is clearing up ,less acne​:slight_smile::slight_smile:

Alright @OnePercentBetter. Let’s go for another day! No MB for me as well :slight_smile:

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Day 5 -Was very close to fapping but controlled myself.Advice -Dont take mobile phones to bathrooms​:slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Alright I’ll give it a shot

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