Non alcoholic drinks ? Something tasty


I had la croix when i was in the states last april and it is absolutely perfect for non drinkers. I think you can get it in morrisons here but it is super expensive.


I have been out friday and saturday night. I feel like my tongue is coated in sugar from all the lime and soda ive had. :face_vomiting:

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Haha we don’t have Morrison in Northern Ireland. Yeah I love lime and soda but only so much you can take ! Try a glass of sparkling water and squeeze a fresh lemon or lime into it that should help refresh you ! Have a good Sunday :slight_smile::+1:

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Switching to fresh lime is a top idea. Will do that.
You have a lovely Sunday too! :grin:

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I’ve been enjoying grapefruit juice mixed with a little pineapple, with fizzy water, squeeze of lime over ice. Hard to find soft drinks that are not too sweet but this is working for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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That actually sounds amazing. Right up my street. Thank you x


I like to cut up fresh ginger root and boil it to make lemon ginger water… also if your into super healthy stuff u can add apple cider vinegar, tumeric, cayenne pepper, moringa leaf powder ect. Depending on your preference


I had a eureka moment today, I have one of those hand blenders and loads of tinned fruit (the stuff in juice, not syrup)… whizzed up the grapefruit and the pineapple and made a pitcher of that - you can keep topping off a glass with fizzy water. Gonna try something with clementines next I think :slight_smile:


Found another good one in ASDA today, this ones lush and only six calories per glass :blush:

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Oh I think they have that in my local shop. Is it still or sparkling ? X


Sparkling but not overly fizzy, just nice

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Just zoomed on it . Sparkling. Mmm think I would like that a lot ! Going to start making smoothies also

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Posh glass bottled lemonade from sainsbury

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Elderflower cordial or elderflower presse are delicious and you can get them at the Co-op or Waitrose. Also, Rosemary water which is delicious and you can make it at home.


Ice sparkling water strawberry lemonade

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Cold brew coffee with a shot of vanilla flavoring. Starbucks do a pretty epic one but it’s pretty easy to do at home :slightly_smiling_face:


I liked POM pomegranate juice or tart cherry mixed with water to make it less sweet.

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I love cold brewed iced tea, I’ve been avoiding sugar as much as possible and it’s a great way to have fruity flavours without the sugar content. It does have sugar but very little!
One of my faves :wink:


What do your use for the vanilla flavour? I have to try that one!