Not tryna bash this group at all but

Can someone inform me why everyone on here thinks weed is bad? I don’t smoke anymore but it’s literally safer then eating a pizza. Maybe I’m missing something but I was just tryna figure this out.


It’s a sobriety forum. People come here to get sober. Quitting weed is tough enough without smoked out hippies encouraging them to continue to get high.


Fair enough. Like I said I’m not bashing or anything I just honestly feel like there’s situation a where it’s medically necessary.


There’s people here who are prescribed it from a doctor. And take it as prescribed. Then there’s people who read a few Google articles and self diagnose themselves and decide weed is the answer. I’m a heroin addict so that’d be like me stubbing my toe and needing some good ole oxy to take the pain away.


I would imagine on this site, if someone had a prescription from their doctor for marijuana derived thc oil oil for pain, anxiety etc etc then no one here would have too much a problem with it, as it would be medically prescribed. Self diagnosing and then self medicating tends to be all to easy a way for the addicted brain to try to bargain with the addict.


FWIW, I have medical marijuana for my PTSD, prescribed by my doctor. It helps me get actual sleep…which is a true blessing after 30 years of insomnia. I am also prescribed medical marijuana for anxiety, unfortunately I find it doesn’t help my anxiety at all.

I use tinctures, not smoke.

I don’t often mention this, as I know others on here have issues with marijuana. For me, it has been a real godsend. It isn’t something I ever enjoyed or used over the past 40+ years…I smoked weed for about a year in high school, but it was never my thing. I hate that high feeling…which thankfully I don’t get with the small amount I take. I do like sleeping 4 hours at a stretch though and being able to fall back asleep when I wake up at night.

Obviously I would not recommend it for someone who has/had issues with weed. That is 100% not the case for me. And I use it as prescribed.


Anything in moderation is fine. Nothi g wrong with weed or alchohol. Depends on the person, for me though, i cant drink. One is too many, 100 is not enough.


Weed is great, but once i (me/myself) start, i will smoke all day and night, and it will consume me, i will plan my life and my next moves and my plans around smoking, like i did with drinking. Just abuse drugs and alcohol, i cant just enjoy it, i get addicted and abuse the privlage and fuck up the cause.


If I have too much weed I’ll get a massive panic attack. It makes me sleepy and has helped with sleep. Also while on it, I have zero craving for alcohol.

There’s very little distinction in safety than say caffeine. That said nobody should be caffeine addled all the time. How long has everyone been sober from caffeine for? Lol


I get panic too, and if i smoke now, i will want to add in beer, its a trigger for me, and thats what i need to learn to break, the pattern of triggers. So for now, im clean from everything, i even drink decaf, lol.


The edibles are so powerful for me for some reason. 5mg and I can’t leave the house. People talk about does 20x that… I would be in a psychic hell.

I will tell you:

It’s an intoxicating, mind-altering substance, an no, it’s not safer than pizza. People don’t wreck cars because they are too stoned from a pepperoni pizza.

We have members here who have been trying to quit, want desperately to quit weed, and cannot.

This is an abstinence centric community.


Well cannabis had me for 20 years.
it costed me my love life an made me do pretty criminal stuff over the younger years… Pizza never made me do harm to others…


I never got arrested because of a goddamn pizza.


I nearly did a guy skipped in front of me at the pizza shop lol


Well he had it coming!


For me sobriety is changing my old behavior to a new one. In this case it means that I stop using substances to alter my state of mind. Stop running away from my emotions by changing them with substances…I can’t be sober if I still use the same behavior as I did before. Doesn’t matter if it’s “safe” or not…it’s still the same behavior.
Learning to cope and deal with life as it is, is sobriety to me. That means that I do not use anything to run away from my emotions. And running away from emotions is what any addict and alcoholic does when using.
Saying there’s no harm in cannabis is wrong. If you smoke and alter your emotional state, you are cognitively teaching your brain that a solution to this and that negative emotional situation is altering it by substances…which leads to you not being able to handle those negative emotions. Which leads to massive mental health issues…at least did for me…
I don’t care if smoking weed didn’t damage my liver or sky rocket my blood pressure or something else…it still would cripple my psyche and leave me emotionally broken…
But then of course a person still using substances as a solution can never understand this, unless they are faced with a reality of having to deal with life as it is…

My two cents on this…


Well done said! And you are totally right! We all addicted have the one same big problem - not able to deal with sober life. I follow you in this a lot.


I just wanna be clear that you’re not bad mouthing pizza here because it’s basically all 4 food groups combined!!! :rage::rage: Its the perfect food of the gods!!


Thank you. Some of the replies here were making this sound like this isn’t a recovery community.