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Had my final experience with dxm a couple days ago. Now I am ready to go as long as I can without it. Really I need to wait till I am at least 18 before considering it again, and im not sure if I will make it that long. My goal for right now is 6 months. DXM was my main problem and I vowed to myself never to use it like I have in my past (almost daily which led to two od’s). Main motivation is my family, I have put them through this shit and I want to prove I am better. I am still young and I am not interested in being 100% sober, but I do want to chill out with my drug use until I am older, and definitely stop the dxm for as long as possible now. Wishing myself luck I really need to do this for my family.

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I’m new at this and my advice may not be all that great, but I am older and wiser…(lol). I think if you want to be better and prove yourself then you need to go all in. 100% sober. One poor choice will lead to others. You have to leave all the temptations on the table and shut the door behind you.


Hi Jake,

I understand your only 16 so I don’t mean to be harsh but you don’t seem to want to accept that when it comes to addiction rarely do people stop abusing one drug but freely use another, you have said the below:

• get my use of dextromethorphan at a minimum and stop for a prolonged period right now.
• As well I want to always practice harm reduction when using anything else.
• And not interested in been 100%
• Having a trip sitter

As you have been told before this is a sobriety forum so what is it your looking for here as it doesn’t seem that you want to or can abstain from drugs?
Also your idea of having a trip sitter is bizarre to say the least, I can’t imagine many people who are drug users would want to babysit someone else on drugs without joining in (I know I wouldn’t) or someone else that doesn’t take drugs babysit people tripping. Apart from been extremely boring or scary depending on the different reactions to drugs, you expect the sober person to be there if something happened or you decided to try and fly from a balcony or eat glass etc, it extremely selfish to ask someone to look after you own behaviour when your are not willing to do it yourself?


Mate, if I were you I’d stop completely. I think it’s likely if you relapse once 18, that you won’t make it to 25. If that happens you will have reached nearly nothing in life, and yo will likely have no one in your life.

But I think you don’t want to stop because you see it as a long period of sobriety and you don’t want that? If that is the problem, then I have a suggestion. Every morning you wake up think. Just for today I won’t use. It will make it so much easier.

Another suggestion is working on yourself mentally. It’s rare that someone becomes an addict when they have a great life. It usually is because they want to mute their emotions. In my case it was because I had a mentally and physically abusive dad, bullying, lots of death in my family and selfhate. I managed to work on those things and accept my past. Really made sobriety AND life easier. A good way to do this is by using the 12 step program.

I know getting sober on 16 feels way too early. I’m 17 now, and I can never drink, smoke, do drugs or game at all. However I discovered life can be so much more fun without those.

And also this, once you get addicted, it is impossible to use recreationally.

I hope this helps you out. Good luck on your journey. You’ve got this :smiley:


Great suggestions, it also great to see someone so young put their hand up and admit they have a problem and start working on recovery :pray::slight_smile:


Who are we to deny anyone their bottom. This forum will still be here when he’s ready to get sober.


I didn’t realize you were a minor. Here’s something to concider. When we start taking drugs at a young age, our mental growth comes to a halt. I don’t know when you started taking drugs, but your mental growth stopped then and there, when that happened. Your ability to learn to deal with emotions also stopped. You using drugs is keeping you at the mental age, where you started doing drugs.
You already have some catching up to do to be able to understand and feel the emotions that your age-mates are going through. Unless you are willing to get back to emotional and mental growth by sobriety, you will face a lot of problems in your future relationships. You won’t be able to accept your negative emotions as they come and you will resolve them with using drugs.
Now if you continue using drugs in your adult life. the gap between you and the people around you will only grow. You will feel out of place, lonely, misunderstood, unaccepted, being treated poorly etc…
Those are the things you hear addicts complain about. Those are a result of their own mental capability being at a childs level. Only by abstaining from drugs and alcohol will it become possible for you to start diminishing that gap…and it’s hell of a hard process to do when you get older. Right now you are still a kid…so it would be easier for you to achieve today. I totally understand now what you were saying about psychedelics yesterday…you are so eager to hold on to that get out of jail free card, because you are not even close to accepting the reality of your situation. No matter how much you want to say to yourself that this isn’t a problem and that you can still use…won’t make it true…and no matter how much you want it…you’re no different from the rest of us. Key to recovery is in action and acceptance. Might want to start practising both.


Dude, go look up SMART recovery and get on a forum for that. They support harm reduction and moderation. We do NOT! Your refusal to accept this fact really shows the immaturity that @Rain666 mentioned above. Know your audience. THIS is NOT your audience. Or, better yet, stick to Reddit. There people will tell you what you want to hear.

And let me tell you about trip sitters. About 6 months ago I woke up to a news story of a group overdose. 5 people died because the person who was supposed to be taking care of them decided to partake without them knowing. He lived, and knows that he killed 5 of his friends. Fuck that. I’ll stay sober.

Grow up and move one, Jake. This isn’t the place for you and your being here is causing waves that people don’t need. Do the right thing. Let people have their safe space. When you fall and hit bottom, we will be here.


Kudos to you young dude. Knowing that discipline is the gateway to true freedom at your age would have saved me a lot of pain. Congratulations on your sobriety :yellow_heart:


Hey buddy, glad to hear that your not partaking in your DOC (drug of choice) right now. Hopefully some time off will help you see the world a bit more clearly. I ran away from reality for a real long time with drugs and booze…I hope that you can figure out how to face reality standing strong on your own :yellow_heart:

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I was talking about a trip sitter during my first experiences with psychs, and that is a great idea because of the reactions people can have.

Ive never been dependent on anything, also I really dont agree with that last statement “once youget addicted its impossible to use recreationally”. That is the case for many, but impossible is not the word to use. Self control is a thing

yeah i realize that know ima just use the sober time app and just not use this forum

You’re right it is but typically not for someone who abuses substances as you have clearly stated you do.

I was your age once doing exactly what you are doing. It didnt turn out very well for me even though I would take “time off” trying to control it.

Addiction is a progressive disease that starts with mere abuse and using inappropriately. If you carry on the way you are going chances are one day you will find your rock bottom, I hope you survive it. :heart:


A goal of six months not using your DOC is definitely a good place to start, especially at age 16. I hope during that time that you come to the realization that you don’t need DXM to live your life to the fullest or any other drugs. :heart:


Then why is it so hard for you to stop using DXM?

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you wanna know something. i use meth around once a month, and have had no problems controlling my use. ive tried heroin once, havent since. its really easy to pass on the cravings knowing the damage I can do to myself. dxm is a dissasociative and is way less addictive than those substances. ig why i used it so much and stuff was because i could justify it, knowing how I would more than likely be fine long term despite heavy use. i knew if it even caused damage it us reversible with time. i am definitely not interested in heavy use no more though.

foolish teen thinks he knows best, but sadly just on a path to destruction and self harm :cry: I’ll pray for you @jake18 and I hope you survive and learn from all this - without hurting others (scary though as, reading your words, this seems unlikely).


alright you guys think what you want :+1:

Lol you joined a sobriety forum then talk about using drugs and get surprised. Also when I first started using drugs around your age I had very similar patterns. But if you are 16 and already doing meth you’re going to have a terrible life. Just remember, it only takes one bad batch of meth to wipe you. No harm reduction strategy in the world can prevent that.