O douls. Is it ok to drink

Is having a o douls a good non alcoholic I noticed it still has some alcohol in it was just wondering?


Hey Mike, well only you can answer that.
I read Clare Pooleys book, the sober diaries, so funny! An she drinks Becks Blue, which surprised me because its not 0.0

I drink kombucha now and then and also have some herbal medication that contain some alcohol , but even safe for kids, but just make sure you dont get triggererd. I see Yoda is typing and he is one of the wisest here so take his advise :slight_smile:

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If you are asking what I think about NA versions of beers and wines, I don’t recommend them. My experience when trying to “moderate” was all they did were make me want the real thing. As far as having some alcohol in them, I avoid all alcohol. I won’t take Nyquil or use mouthwash containing alcohol.

But I am me, and you are you. Your mileage may vary.


What is kumbocha never heard of that before maybe I’ll just stick to my ginger ale with a lime in it.

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Honestly, what would be the reason to drink them? They taste like shit and don’t get you drunk.


Kombucha is a fermented tea japanese which can have traces of alcohol , like fermentation does.
even an overripe fruit like kiwi can contain alcohol
thats how they brew their alcohol in jail
i was an inmate for 10 years so i know
haha no just kidding saw in on netflix!
stick to your gingerale or just water, water will gives you that clean boost that you need.
oh funny story, lindsay lohan was caught voor driving under influence again and she told the judge she just had a loooot of kombucha, so creative haha!

personally i wouldnt recommend alcohol free beer or wine, because that keeps you in the belief that beer or wine etc is necesary for a good lifestyle
we were all brainwashed, really!
i liked allan cars book a lot, maybe try


I was having a bbq with the family tonight and was thinking of a non alcoholic drink I new the taste will be flat.

Seltzer water is zero alcohol and my go to. Although folks say the flavor of those is debatable. :rofl:


Oke, well funny thing is if you dont drink alcohol you dont have to drink a lot.
I mean, i drink enough water etc and like around 5 my body is well hydrated
so at a party or bbq i have 2 non alcoholic drinks and i dont feel the need to drink something constantly.

And you can already look forward to that non hangover sunday morning yeah!
whatever you decide to drink, enjoy and relax

I have been wanting to try tonic water and lime juice!!

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That’s a good option. Lime La Croix is my fave actually.


there you go!

i also have Seedlip check the site
its a great alcoholfree gin tonic
no sugar no calories
nice recipes on the site

I dont drink them. For me, to stay sober I had to change. Part of that change was changing habits…the habits of drinking. I had to learn to do things with out the beer and the booze. Drinking an NA version would just lead me back to the real stuff. Do others drink it, yes. I am one that cant. I had to be ok with water, tea, or soda in my hand.


Thanks that’s the think I’m afraid to try it because the taste might make me want a real beer I have been doing really good been a month and 5 days and I don’t want to ruin it maybe I’ll just make everyone tonic and lime juice


Trust your gut. You will survive without ever trying one…but trying one might lead you back to the bad place. If you are going to remain sober, people will eventually have to see you without a beer in your hand…and guess what…while there might be questions…in the long run they could care less what you are drinking. It all boils down to you. You are worth a sober life.

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Thanks I will now I just hope my mom and dad don’t bring any liquor they are back from Florida but they know I stopped drinking so hope they don’t bring anything

Omg, to @Englishd’s point, for the sake of your BBQ I wouldn’t serve O’Douls to other people. That’s me though. :blush:

Do all the folks coming know you’re sober now?

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If they do, kindly turn it down. Their son is on the path to a better life.


Ok lol yes they know I stopped drinking they new I had a problem with it.


Ah, alrighty then. That’s frickin’ awesome to hear. :+1:

I asked only because sometimes this question comes up when folks are concerned they’ll attract unwanted attention. To me, mocktails and NA stuff just beg more questions, not to mention temptation.

If sharing, I’d think simple soft drinks are easier going and people more familiar with the options then anyway.

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