OK...here goes

I’ve been dipping since 1983. Longest I ever quit for has been a week. I have been inspired by those who’ve quit smoking while also quitting some other addiction too.

I want to quit for me. It isn’t causing problems in my life, but I want to be free of nicotine.

So it’s on here, my counter is set, and I’m accountable for it.


Yup yup! :grimacing:

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You’re gonna make me wanna quit smoking, aren’t you? Lol


Nicotine is terribly addicitve more addictive than heroin and tobacco has so many carcinogens. It is the number one cause of cancer. Dipping causes throat and mouth cancer.

Theres lots of different ways to quit. Cold turkey, gums, patches, pills, vape, hypnosis, books. My advice is try one if one doesnt work try something different. You can do it.

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Thanks. I am well aware of the cancer risks and addictive power of tobacco and nicotine.

I am going cold turkey and using nicotine-free herbal snuff. No nicotine replacement.

First hour down.


There’s like this depression part you go through cuz it will feel like you lost your best friend.

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I know I’m doing it too! Day one for me. Ice got a cold too so kind of makes me not want to smoke cigarettes.

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Sometimes a cold can turn into a cold turkey quit. My last cigarette was over a year ago but last night i bummed one from my neighbor and before i smoked it, broke it and threw it on the ground. He was so pissed! Lol.


I had to Google what dipping was…lol
I ditched the fags (aka cigarettes) 21 years ago…cold turkey

Way to go, you can do it!


I am wishing you get through this easily. I think you’ve an amazing plan with the herbal snuff. You’re absolutely correct to stay away from nicotine replacements.
Way to go. :fire:

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Was good for most of the day. Using the herbal snuff. Noticed I’m in a bit of fog right now, but overall I’m hanging in. 5 hrs and I’ll be have the 1st day down. If I can do one, I can do 2


Yesterday was my 9 year anniversary of quitting smoking cigarettes. I was a 1 to 4 packs a day smoker (4 packs a day after my 1st husband’s death) for more than 30 years. Nicotine is a real bitch, but once you get it out of your system life does get better. It was incredibly freeing quitting smoking. I wish you great success and strength.


I’ve had short quits from dipping before. Always used the gum or lozenges to “step down”.

First time cold-turkey. Was ok for the first day. Didn’t have any cravings or noted withdrawal. That changed last night. Head started to get a bit cloudy, like when you have a bad cold.

This morning, I was having difficulty doing anything that requires thought and action. I have a class on Saturday mornings for a professional license I am seeking. No way I could do it with my mind a mess. I hit the store and got 4mg lozenges.

I’ve hit reset on my “nicotine counter” and will continue to reset everytime I use nicotine.

For me, alcohol withdrawals were nothing compared to this. Nothing but respect for those here who white-nuckled cold-turkey nicotine.

I’m failing forward, determine to quit the dip.

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Hey. How you holding up on the progress now?

Doing Good. Had to start using nicotine lozenges. Cold Turkey was killing me. Brain literally quit working. I was thinking this must be what Alzheimer onset must feel like.

So, I’m weaning. But, I am 9 days tobacco free.


I want to share a visualization from the Alan Carr book I used to quit smoking 18+ years ago that I think you will like. The physical addiction to Nicotine is like a little monster perched on your shoulder. Now that you have decided to quit he is desperate. He will sink his claws in and whisper in your ear. This is because his death is close at hand. For every craving he sends at you you wrap your fingers around his neck and squeeze. In days he is getting weaker and you stronger. After a week he is in his death throes and you are nearing victory. After 2-3 weeks he is gone from your body forever. I had so much Fun quitting smokes. Choke the F**ker to death Stevie.


Thanks. I’ve given myself 2 weeks to wean using the lozenges. Have dropped from 4mgs to 2mgs. Then I’m done with nicotine for ever. No way I want to feel like I did last week.

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Glad to know. I guess we know how serious it is only once we try to quit it. No?:smile:

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How are you doing Steve?

Ive been considering to stop smoking ciggs as well but curious of ways others have done it sucessfully? I’ve used patches before it slows my smoking down but never stopped or did all 3 steps of patches… so maybe a half ass effort on my part there…but i have never tried any other method. I work in construction so im not limited to when i can light up unless its a state facility. And almost everyone i work with smokes.