OK made it past the 1st 24....I CAN & WILL DO THIS!


Good work! :raised_hands:

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Ty…now I’m using this weekend at work …away from home to get more days in this time…nd hopefully…it works this time…I have that mindset this time…so I think I’ll b OK! :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4:


Why not hit up a meeting? There’s online meetings too:

Online meeting resources


Keep it in mind that drinking is not an option for you anymore; you want life free of that. You will notice so many positive changes you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier!

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Great job! The first hours are the toughest! Keep adding up those hours


Yes everyday I go to my zoom meetings

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Ty so much

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You got this :purple_heart:

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Ty…yes I believe so…been having using dreams tho🙄

Congratulations on your 24 hours :slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulations! 24 hours, (even more now) is amazing! You can definitely do this.:exclamation:& Just remember, you’re not alone. :crossed_fingers:t4::white_heart:

Congrats on your 24 , keep it going it gets so much better keep doing the next right thing and watch god literally start moving in your life.

If you need to reach out I’m around all the time. Our drugs are different but we have the same goal.

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That’s gonna happen. That just happened to me, just know that every step you take forward is a step further away from what’s hurting you. Nightmares can’t hold u back❤️

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