Okay, I have to know... Factorio anyone? (Trigger warning for gaming addiction)

There HAS to be some Factorio players here. Raise your hand if you are a giant Factorio nerd!


What is that, first off…

What is that I NEED TOO KNOW!!??!

Yes. Hahaha at least I was I should say – it’s been a few and I sort of felt at a certain point that I was reaching the need for searching up templates, which is not something I normally do lol. I’m sure I’ll get back there sometime soon though. Building games are where it’s at.

I’ve been chilling with Astroneer recently, because it’s so much more slowly paced and more of a 3rd person mining/building game. You know it?


Lol I had a friend who played it quite a bit but never got into it…mostly due to his frustration over the game.

I don’t game much anymore mainly because I was playing 60+ hours a week with my meth addiction and it can be a liiiittle bit triggering.

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Factorio is a 2D logistics and building game. If you want to make your brain tired, its what’s you play. It’s a PC game. Basically, you are a little person or robot (it’s been debated) who has crash landed on a planet and has to build a spaceship to get off of it. So, all the building! @Lilemm @rmgrimmer


I know it, haven’t really looked into it too much. Have you ever played Satisfactory? They just released a huuuuuge, trolly update today. It’s like Factorio, but beautifully 3D. It’s still in early access currently only on Epic. I don’t give a shit about the Epic vs Steam thing, so this doesn’t bother me.

Factorio is nearly finished, a lot has changed since I started playing 6 or 8 months ago. You might want to check it out. However, if you like the chill, beautiful type thing, Satisfactory is a winner, although not comlete.

Yeeeeaaaahhh, maybe not. Hopefully you can find your way back to it at some point in recovery, but do what you gotta do. NOTHING is worth triggery.

I’ve definitely seen Satisfactory around, and I think it was right when I was pulling back from gaming, maybe a year ago now or something? Right when I was finishing up college and I felt guilty as hell when I wasn’t working! Haha.

Yeah I’m someone who’s very susceptible to game environments, whether dark or otherwise, and during recovery I’ve found the happier ones – like Astroneer – a bit more relaxing lol. Probably sounds silly but I think that’s why I’m sort of avoiding the FPSs I used to play religiously. Like constantlyy. I’ll for sure check it out though! I’ll keep you posted on satisfactory :smile:

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Sometimes Factorio gets way too intense for me, so Satisfactory is a huge break. So much exploring and discovering, hunting down things that will help the factory. And, just so damn beautiful!

Yeah, it came out almost a year ago. It’s pretty slow, so I don’t get to that point where I feel like I HAVE to keep playing. With Factorio I like to play with bitters and build defenses and stuff, so it can be the opposite of relaxing. I’ve just taken a more demanding job at the restaurant I supervise, so I’ve been really tired and have been doing a lot more reading to help me relax before bed time. Starting to have to get away from the PC earlier. So having a game I can come and go with is nice.

I swear I’m not paid by the dev’s. :laughing:

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Hahaha I gotcha. Yeah I’m definitely down to give it a shot! I’ll report back lol. Also planning a bit of a rig update in the next several months or so when the next Nvidia cards drop and Intel answers AMD, so that’ll launch me back in I’m sure haha

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I hope the next cards come with better cooling. My 2080 is like a damn radiator!

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Dont play the builder games although i used to play sims when it was about building buildings a lol…then went to warcraft, starcraft, then diablo and then my life changed forever with the dawn of World of Warcraft!!! My name on here is my Rogues name haha

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My best friend plays it and it looks too complicated to me to be honest. How is the learning curve?

Steep. :laughing:

I like too complicated, apparently. Games I’ve played the most, Factorio, Europa Universalis 4, Civilization 5, Anno 1800, Satisfactory. Yup, my brain likes to be tortured! I also have a deep love for open world, survival crafting games. Ark and Conan Exiles are the ones I’ve played the most. It’s the building that I love, the stories are mehh.

Factorio has a steep learning curve if you over think it. If you don’t, its probably not that bad.